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R2P2. VLCD2 - Summer round take #2

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We went on our epic Wagons West trip to Devils Tower, Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, and finished our trip going overlanding in the Medicine Bow National Forest. It was amazing. I gained a few pounds due to eating high-carb shelf-stable camping and backpacking foods. I have already lost a couple of those few I gained. I routinely got 15K to 20k steps each day so my gains could have been MUCH worse!

SW 218.9
CW 217.2
GW 200 (this round)

My plan is to do a short round so I can be on P3 in September due to several camping trips I have planned. We will see. If it is going well, I may just stick it out and live thru those trips on P2. It is doable, just not ideal.

Also, I am back to doing Simeons OP. The 2.0 just gives my brain too much freedom at this moment.

Silver Gypsy over and out, Rubber Duck! 🤣

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