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Day 4 On Patches

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O.K. so today I stayed the same, no change. I deserve this though I cheated a little last night. It was our 15th aniversary and I felt bad we couldn't go out to eat so I thought I'd make stromboli for the familly. This was a big mistake, I love stromboli.
I kept taking little bites, not much just tiny taste here and there. Than when it was done cooking there was all this yummy baked cheese on the edges so I had a litttle of that too. Today I paid for it with no change. O well the patches are still doing great and I'm feeling good. I still have this thought that maybe the patches aren't really working and it's just the fact that I'm eating only 500 cals. I not giving up though and will just keep going with what my body is telling me and for now I really think they are working.

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