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Sooo...what's going on with my body?

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I've been using hcg injections for 7 weeks. Tuesday will begin week 8. My doctor put me on Phentermine to help out. So far, I've lost 10lbs according to my scale, but none according to her scale. So, you can imagine the frustration and confusion there. The first 2 weeks, I was to eat no more than 1200 ca/day, then 1400-1600 cal/day for a week after that. Of course with excercising. She said that I didn't have to overdo it with my zumba class, but just make minor changes with everyday activities to ensure I keep moving. Okay, no problem. I've done all of this. Due to the Phentermine, I sometimes forget to eat throughout the day. Instead of like 6 small things, I find myself loading on protein in the morning (with very little carbs), then eat dinner because I cook early so my family has something to eat when they get home at 3pm. After that, I'll eat a very small snack, like a piece of fruit, yogurt, sometimes cheat with a scoop of ice cream. Now, I'm not loosing weight. My husband says that I'm loosing inches. I see that in my midsection, but not in my boody and thighs. And I sure can't tell in my clothes. I'm really wanting to give up. The rolls in my back seem to look bigger. What in the world is going on? I have ice cream once a week!!!!! So discouraged. When I found myself fatigued, I started taking a multivitamin for 50+ year old woman. I love this stuff! It really helps with my energy levels and so I'm always moving...like in overload. Sheesh!! What am I doing wrong getting this weight off of me? My goal was to loose 50 lbs by graduation which is May 19th. Doesn't look like I'm going to make it.

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  1. redefiningme's Avatar
    Okay... let's face it. You are NOT on Dr Simeon's Protocol - instead you are on some doctors UNEDUCATED hcg diet. Please read Dr Simeon's Pounds and Inches to REALLY understand how one is to utilize HCG to lose fat: http://www.hcgbodyshaper.com/simeon.pdf

    It really is no mystery as to why your losses have been weak - and you will see this more clearly upon reading the manuscript for the program.

    Key Points of Protocol during P2, after two days of loading - 500 CALORIES:
    1) Two meals a day - lunch and dinner (100 grams of protein/3.5 ounces, one veggie at each meal) and grissini/melba if wanted (I had more protein instead of either carb)
    2) No snacking
    3) Plain tea/coffee (no more than 1 tbsp of milk per day)

    P3 you increase your calories, but still no carbs or sugar
    P4 add in carbs and sugar in moderation of course (many of us are P3rs only)

    You can lose fat and inches IF you stick to the protocol.
    Updated April 23rd, 2012 at 12:25 PM by redefiningme
  2. MamaMiaX5's Avatar
    I agree with above poster! Also, Dr S protocol restricts the number of days on plan. It is nowhere near 7-8 weeks. Are you becoming immune?

    BTW, you sure dont look 50!
  3. glamourass1's Avatar
    Just to clarify.... that should be 100 grams of protein, not 100 ounces.
  4. redefiningme's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by glamourass1
    Just to clarify.... that should be 100 grams of protein, not 100 ounces.

    Thank you! I changed the blooper!