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Health and Happiness: My Journey

Check-In #2: I'm Back!

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Hello Everyone!

I'm back, and still doing well! Today is P3 Day 12 for me, I'm almost half-way through and stabilizing! Sorry its been so long since my last update, but life catches up with us sometimes.

I've been maintaining within about 0.2 below to 0.6 above my LDW of 116.4...
...and dealing with some digestive troubles along the way. I've always had a bit of a slow digestive system, so I had a little bit of trouble readjusting to the bulk of food during the transition from P2 to P3, but I think my body has finally caught up!

As planned, I've slowly been upping my calories and ensuring that my carb count doesn't drop below at lease 40 grams per day, and I'm also slowly increasing that amount as I go. The main thing I've changed is counting my Coconut Oil use into my daily calories and nutrients. I recently backtracked and logged how much I used on given days, and was surprised to find that on days that I used more (and subsequently had a higher fat to carb ratio for the day), my weigh-ins were always slightly higher the next morning. So, now I'm accounting for how much I use since it appears that
the "coconut oil doesn't count" rumor is just that...a rumor!

Since its been a while since I posted, I'm going to save you (...and me!) the trouble of reading through my daily logs, and just give a bit of a summary of how I've been eating.

The "Gist" of Things

1. Breakfast: My favorite meal of the day! Most days, I've been having Eggs, Organic Salsa, and 30% Reduced Fat Gwaltney Bacon. The past few days, I've switched from 3 Whole Eggs to 1 or 2 Whole Eggs plus some Liquid Egg Whites to reduce the fat and calories in my breakfast as I continue to up my carbohydrates.

2. Morning Snack: It depends on the day, but usually I have an Apple or some Blueberries with about 4oz of 0% Plain Greek Yogurt. I either add some Sugar Free Vanilla Torani Syrup or a Tbsp of SF Raspberry Preserves to my GY with a drop or two of Stevia! Its great protein and very filling!

3. Lunch: This is really my most variable meal, it really depends on whether I'm home or at work around lunch time (which varies because as an RN I work shifts). If I'm at home, sometimes I'll make up a little stir-fry with Lean Steak, Turkey, or Chicken and some peppers, onions, broccoli...whatever I happen to have in the house! Other days I'll make up a nice big Salad with my protein of choice (meat or an egg) and some fresh veggies and top with parm and Balsamic vinegar. When I'm on the go, I'll pack a little lunch in a sectioned tupperware: Lettuce, raw broccoli, cucumbers, and Sunflower kernels in the big section, a Starkist Tuna "To-Go" cup in the medium section, and a Tbsp or two of organic salsa in the small section. They all stay separate, and I just mix 'em together on my break for a quick lunch!

4. Afternoon Snack: This depends on my mood! Some days its cucumbers and mustard dip (stevia, mustard, ACV), others its 0% Plain Greek Yogurt with my flavoring of choice and possibly some Blueberries, and if I'm feeling extra fun, I'll have a piece of Cocoa Crack or two chopped up and tossed in with Blueberries and a little yogurt!

5. Dinner: Depending on whether I had a midday work shift or not, I'll just swap with what I didn't have for lunch. So if I worked and had a salad, I'll have stir-fry for dinner, and visa versa. Some days, however, I'm really not too hungry by dinner, and I'll just have a smaller salad or Greek Yogurt if I didn't already have it for my second snack (or sometimes I'll have it then too regardless!).

I make sure to drink plenty of fluid, whether Tea or Water, throughout the day, and some days I have a cup of coffee in the morning with some Half&Half.

On average, I've been coming in around 1200 calories, keeping my Fat between 30-40 grams, Carbs 40-50 grams (remember, these are net carbs...fiber subtracted!), and Protein 75-95 grams.

**NOTE: This is still a work in progress and I am still increasing my calorie count. However, I am taking things slow so that I can bring my macronutrient balance to a ratio that will best fit my intended way of eating Post-HCG stabilization.

Mainly, I'm going with how my body feels: When I'm hungry, I eat. When I'm not hungry, I stop.

You may have noticed that I haven't added in any nuts or coconut flour as I planned, and its not for any particular reason. I actually just haven't been in the mood for any up to this point. However, this week I'm planning on doing a little experimenting and maybe having some almonds or making a coconut flour personal pizza. I might also add in a few SF chocolates just for grins. We'll see how it goes!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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  1. yep yep I can's Avatar
    WOW as I am going into P3 this is really great to hear. Thanks for sharing! I am glad that things are working for you.
  2. tomwilla's Avatar
    SKinnymari Awesome Job Thanks you so much for sharing your meals.. some of us are a little scared of P3 but you are doing such a great job.. I love it
  3. SkinnyMari's Avatar
    Thanks guys! I think the key to my current success is learning from my first round mistakes. I tried too hard to conform to the super high fat P3 that a lot people follow on here (even though that isn't really what P&I dictates...it only states that fat can be indulged in more if you eat less carbohydrate...which is true!), but in doing so I ended up feeling deprived because I couldn't eat some of the healthy foods I enjoy, so I frequently fell off the bandwagon and cheated. I didn't listen to my body when I didn't feel well.

    This time, I'm listening to my body, trying to relax in the process, and find healthy things that make me and my body happy! Don't be worried about P3, just take it slow, listen to your body, and find foods that satisfy you! Moderation is the key
    Updated February 19th, 2013 at 03:07 PM by SkinnyMari
  4. bobes's Avatar
    Thanks for this!!