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Day 31

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Down one ounce today. So a grand total of twenty lbs. Today for sine reason I'm very fatigued and having cravings. I molested every piece of candy in walgreens, turning it over reading the ingredients and occasionally smelling. I'm sure they would of called the police to have me removed if I wasn't the police.
I have no idea what's going on today I just can't get satisfied. I had my apple this morning, more protein then I should have and half a cucumber. Still I felt empty.
I'm going to see how I weigh in the morning and decide if it's time to go to phase 3...

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  1. Dubbles's Avatar
    lol. Know how u feel, some days, it's like all u think about is food. And others, easy sailing. Go figure. Hang in there, u've done great, regardless of what u decide to do, u can be proud. Sometimes the next day, all is well--especially if u see a substanial loss there. Good luck.
  2. Feisty's Avatar
    Hey there, So have another 1/2 a cucumber. It's ok. On hungry days I usually try to work in an asparagus for one of my meals. I find it to be one of the more "filling" veggies.
    Gawd you don't want to be arrested for molesting the candy. Have you ever had jail food? Behave yourself!
  3. Sleclerc's Avatar
    No I've never had jail food but they do offer peanut butter and jelly. And I'm tempted!
  4. Katrina's Avatar
    LOL at y'alls post. I'm tempted to go for the PB&J too! I find it's easier for me to just stay out of stores. When I go I have my list and avoid looking in the direction of chips and candy. I swear I think I can hear the "Little Debbie Snacks" calling my name. Good luck with your hunger. I'd definitely finish off that cucumber.
  5. Feisty's Avatar
    You are such a stinker!
  6. Sleclerc's Avatar
    That little debbie is for sure a home wrecker! I only went into walgreens becuase I needed some tylenol pm, as im not sleeping well. I normally avoid it as well. :-)
  7. Dubbles's Avatar
    Oh, I use that Tylenol p.m. every night. I don't think it's hurt my losses. I'm now mentally hooked on one of those per night, I think.