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Hcg second attempt. VLCD2

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So I did this diet the first of the year and did well, but like a lot of people I didn't maintain. Ive tried to do it again twice since then, but just did not have my head in the game( a requirement) So this morning was my second day/first way in since 500 cal yesterday and I was down 4.1 lbs. I don't know what I weighed yesterday or prior to loading as I was just so disgusted at my creeping weight. The weight Im comparing this mornings too is the one I took last night because I needed a number.

Im kinda hungry right now, I ate lunch at 11:00 which was some tilapia and miracle noodles. I love them. I will make some chicken and cabbage tonight or tomorrow for the next few days. I wish everyone well.

Ps I need a new ticker this one is way off

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