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I haven't blogged in a while...

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Well, I've made it to p4 and had been hanging in at 1.5 -2 pounds above my LIW...last week I had a few indulgences and tried several steak days but, I just could not seem to make it to dinner without eating...this weekend I had a few more indulgences and now I'm 5 pounds over LIW...NOT GOOD!!! Anyway, today I'm trying a Greek yogurt with berries/steak day...we shall see how that works. I couldn't find any full fat Greek yogurt so I had to get non-fat and I added HWC with some blackberries...it was yummy and should hold me over until supper. I usually lose 3 - 4 pounds on a steak day...hoping for a good loss with this CD. I am also making some full fat Greek yogurt today so another yogurt/steak day may be in my future for later in the week with a full fat version. I'll let you know how it turns out...keeping my fingers crossed for a good loss!

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  1. tomwilla's Avatar
    Several of my friends have had great sucess with the chicken thigh hcg correction day. I also found several others on You Tube. I have not tried any of these just saying
  2. Sleepygirl's Avatar
    Thanks, I've read about that...haven't tried it. I wasn't real pleased with the yogurt/steak day so, may try that next.