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Back on P2 after my planned interruption

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Well, I'm back!! I had a wonderful ski vacation...LOTS of snow and skiing!! I got home late on Saturday and my weight was up 6.8# on Sunday after my planned interruption!!! I always swell when traveling so, I knew part of the gain was from that. Most was from not sticking to P3 foods though!! I started the week out pretty good but, then found myself in several situations that I would not have had anything to eat if I stuck to p3 foods. I started out eating the toppings off of pizza with wine...no problem with that but, by the end of the week it was French fries, crackers with my cheese, light beer, chips, bread. ARGH!!!

Sunday I did a modified steak day...I started the day with cream and coffee, later I had a large, fatty steak and grilled onion and tomato slices along with 3 (yes, 3 lol) glasses of wine and a handful of trail mix later that evening. On Monday, I was down 4 pounds!! WHOOP!!

Monday was my first injection day back on p2. Today, I am down 1.4# so, 1.4 more to be back at my LIW pre-planned interruption. I'm so excited to get back to my LIW and move on down to lower numbers!! I'm not sure how long I'll do p2 now...I'll play that by ear.

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  1. Rabo's Avatar
    Well, I'm glad you had a great ski vacation! I would think all the exercise and cold would negate a lot of the extra empty calories in the bber and wine, and you dropped the weight really quickly, so it must have just been water. I swell when I travel too. :-)

    Congrats! And welcome back to p2.
  2. marvless's Avatar
    Welcome back Lisa! Sounds like your trip was wonderful. You should be back to LIW very soon!
  3. pookster's Avatar
    Welcome back! Your on your way forsure!
  4. Sleepygirl's Avatar
    Thanks guys!!!