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Back for round 3

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Well, I'm back. I stabilized well after my last round after I accepted about a 2 pound increase and maintained within 2 pounds from there. I ended up trying the FAST diet...was hoping to drop more weight but, instead maintained. The FAST diet is 2 -500 calories per week and watch what you eat on other days. I would do really good most days but, would also have vacation/trip eating, special occasions, etc...eating carbs and was able to maintain...so I was happy.

2 1/2 weeks ago, I had some surgery and skipped my FAST days, ate take out freq, ect... And went above my 2 pounds by a little...add loading and YIKES, starting this round up by 7-8 pounds! Yesterday was my first vlcd and I'm already down 3.4...YAY!

I wasn't planning to start this round until after a cruise that I have coming up but, decided to go ahead and plan for a planned interruption.

Hoping for good success!!

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  1. Gr8Grma's Avatar
    hope this round works well for you and your all recovered from surgery
  2. Sleepygirl's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Gr8Grma
    hope this round works well for you and your all recovered from surgery
    Thanks! How is it going with you? I'm recovering well from surgery...nothing major...elective plastic surgery on my eyelids! I gave it a few weeks of healing before starting this round.
  3. maggiep's Avatar
    Welcome to the next round!