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At My Ideal Weight And Struggling

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Hi y'all, I have been using Dr. Simeons protocol with drops since 2014 successfully completing 9 rounds. I firmly believe it takes time to lose and stabilize in order to not regain. I have lost over 55 lbs going from 167 to 110 lbs in 1.5 years. But I had not learned everything I needed to from my poor relationship with food. That is for another post what I needed to learn. So I kept gaining back 10 to 15 lbs. This last round I vowed to what it takes to not regain. My struggles are in Phase 3. I am D18 now, and went up 2 lbs a couple times so far. I know where my mistakes are, which is for another post for sure. Thought I better reach out for support and be accountable for what I do next in order to keep my weight off. I am 5'0" and really have a BIG appetite, and I am retired now. I am looking for support with your ideas of managing P3. I hope I can also support you too with what I have done that works, and what doesn't seem to work. I could fill a book on that alone!

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  1. smilesback's Avatar
    So I start my P4 d1 tomorrow under my 2 pounds. Scared really to add carbs as I have not shown self control with breads and sweets in the past. Thinking I should start by avoiding those, and try light bread crumbs, adding hard cheese, ricotta, marscapone, cream cheese. Even just thinking about those cheeses I start getting a "rush" to add them back. I feel like I am my worst enemy right now. Is there no end in sight where I can eat normally without so much restraint?
  2. meltaway's Avatar
    This is so encouraging to me. I am on phase two so I'm not much help but in past rounds I failed terribly at phase 3 becausr I love sugars and starches and did not make the effort to make a lifestyle change. At only 5'1" it doesn't take many calories before I start packing on pounds. Everyone else in our house are big eaters. Also anytime I eat a lot of carbs, it bloats me up and the scale goes up pretty easily. I am so proud to hear of someone staying in the two pounds still by the end of phase three. I am scared to death I will gain in phase three even if I do it right. Good job to you that is awesome!
  3. smilesback's Avatar
    Thank you meltaway! You are an inch taller as I am 5'0" and I understand you do not need that many calories just like me. So filling up on vegetables will have to be the way to go. You sound motivated to find out how not to gain weight in phase 3. I know for me I could not have dairy - try and try again, but I gain each time. So go slow, ask yourself if you are hungry before eating and it is ok to be a little hungry and not eat. You inspire me to keep trying, so thank you for that. I really am motivated to stay low and not gain. But just last night I gobbled down my homemade tiramisu. This morning I am up 3 lbs so I immediately put the rest of the tiramisu in the freezer out of reach. I am struggling today to not overeat even the "good" foods. I suppose I do need to discipline myself now and keep finding out whether I am hungry or not before I eat! Carbs are my thrill too and I get a rush just thinking about eating cheeses, ricotta, marscapone, using heavy whipping cream because I won't allow myself cookies or bread. I just cannot do it because the calories get so high with how much I eat, that I will store the extra calories right away. I think the time it takes to really put into practice what I learned started with phase 3 and continues on. Probably won't be so hard after I have more time under my belt doing the right thing. Good luck to you too!
  4. Nyfinestladyxoxo's Avatar
    Hello I'm new to this just very curious I've been same weight when u start it 164 I'm not in starting protocol tm can u please give me any advice plus first round how much did u loose it ?