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Droping the Body Fat - Adam's Journey

More gains but lower dose

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This morning I was feeling pretty good as far as hunger went. A little tummy grumbling to start with but breakfast cured that pretty fast. While I still had a little hunger after eating it wasn't nearly as much as previous days.
I decided to drop my dose to 130 IU. So far so good. I am still getting hungry but it doesn't seem nearly as bad as previous days/weeks.
I'll keep an eye out over the next day or so and see how I am feeling. I am guessing I may need to drop it a touch more though.

So the pretzel is still hanging in there. Damn! This is now the third day of gains. I am back to 166. Crap, crap, and, double crap! :P

I learned my lesson on that maneuver. If I have to cheat at the theater again it will be with a diet soda - Man those starches really packed a punch!

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