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Droping the Body Fat - Adam's Journey

The end of the Skip Day

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Well today was a skip day to gauge where I was at for dose. The day started out like any other with hunger panging away right after getting up. Meals were all on protocol and the tell tale hunger come around soon after eating. Later in the day though I was noticing the hunger was abating a little. I am going to see how I feel in the morning and make a choice on which way to go with my dose. I am siding on a reduction but want to confirm with hunger feelings in the morning.
Since I was on 160 IU I am thinking (if I do reduce) that I will go down to 140 or so and go from there. I was debating going to 125 (based on Dr.S, since I am taking Ovidac) but that might be a not too low I think.

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