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So I was down 4lbs by day 4 and would't you know it, I get sick! All that hard work sent down the drain. Oh well...here's to a better week! HapCalorie Counter
Starting weight 162.0
Week 1......161.2 (was sick this week)-0.8
Week 2......

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  1. LilShelliBelli's Avatar
    Hi snshyne, I know it gets discouraging to get sick right in the middle of P2, (A ton of us got a stomach bug or the crud at some point in the middle of P2 also) but keep your chin up! You can push right through it. Just think of it as your body doing what it needs to do to make sure you can fight whatever bug it is you have/had. As long as you are sticking to the protocol, you will be right back on the horse, kicking P2 in the hiney! I hope you are feeling better!!