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I Almost See The 150's!!!!!!!

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Haven't posted in a few days. Week 2 almost beat me. ALMOST!!! I was struggling for a few days and started cheating. Decided to heck with it and did a P3 meal on date night. It actually did me good. I was letting this stress me out instead of it making me feel happy about my achievements so far. Now my head is back in the game!! I have a whole new outlook, and I'm down 1.2lbs this morning! 160.4. I'll be seeing the 150's b4 I know it!!

My new way of thinking---- I am doing this diet to be healthier and feel better about myself. I will do the absolute best that I can, and enjoy the positives. I have already lost 11lbs in less than 2 weeks. Any other way, would have taken 2 months. I want to lose a total of 30-35lbs, but it is not a race and I do not HAVE to lose that in any specified amount of time. I'm just going to enjoy my succeses and deal with the fact that I am not perfect and I AM going to screw up.

I haven't seen the 150's in TEN YEARS!!!!! It'll be sooo exciting. And then it won't be long til the 140's are just around the corner! Feeling like I can really do this now!!!!

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  1. Ladybugdrives's Avatar
    Good outlook! The 2nd week was the hardest for me! My body was going through super carb withdrawals. You'll see those 140's before you know it!
  2. rearviewmirror's Avatar
    I sooo...needed to read your post today so thank you!! I definitely is not a race!! You are doing Awesome!! Keep it up!!
  3. RKGina's Avatar
    You go girl! My scale started to move again too but I only have two days left of injections! I was hoping to make the 150`s but I am at 164.5 now and losing .5 a day. Good luck! Ur doing great!
  4. prdreams@aol.com's Avatar
    Great attitude. You do what you need to do and at your pace. It is not a race and it is a lifestyle. Eating better and feeling better. You will reach your goals before you know it. Enjoy yourself.
  5. Third time is a charm's Avatar
    This is very inspiring. Keep up the good work. After my first round I was not craving sweets and carbs so much, either coffee and diet coke that were my main issues. This protocol will not only help you to loose weight but will give you the change to detox and learn how to use food wisely to your body's advantage.

    Well done, and ahhh we are alll perfect in our own way!!!!!
  6. sonderah's Avatar
    Thanks everyone! And guess what? I did it!!! 159.8 baby!!!!