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BIG FAT STALL!! Life Goes On!!

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Stalled out this morning, but I only slept 5 hours last night. I stayed up late watching a movie with the sweety, and today is "tech day", which is his day to go in for meetings and parts and stuff. So we have to get up at 4am. Yes WE!! I know I am weird. But its the one thing I can consistantly do for him to show my love. I get up every morning and make his breakfast, pack his cooler and his lunch, make his coffee, and even set out his vitamins with a cup of water... Lmbo!!! Him's so spoiled, but trust me, so am I!!!!

I made P2 Chilli last night for my dinner. It was sooo delicious!! I got too full, but I just couldnt put it away! I will def eat more, and work on stopping and eating more later. It just felt so good to actually be FULL!! Lol

I picked a bad day for it because I am already stalled this morning, but, Im a big fat cheater!! I put a TBS of sugar free french vanilla creamer in my coffee this morning instead of milk. And it is sooooooo yummy!! Which doesnt help at all!!

School just got cancelled today for ice, and its 530 am. Think Im gonna go back to bed for awhile!! Yay!

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