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The Learning Curve!!! Losing weight, AND my stinking thinking!!!

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Very long... BUT I so had to share!!! And , I may need to come re read this on occassion!!

I started this journey just over 3 weeks ago. I was so scared and apprehensive, and had ZERO support, until I found this forum of course. What an awesome group of people!! I didnt load well on the 1st day, but did a little better day 2. Only gained just over a pound. I was very happy, less to lose right?? In the first 5 days, finishing out week 1, I'd lost 9.8 POUNDS!!! Amazing!!
Week 2 was way more stressful, I was hungry and having quite a few cravings, and I did cave in a few times. I even went on a date night and ate what I wanted once. I only lost 2 lbs that week, but it made sense. I hadnt stayed POP, plus I had read, everyone struggles week 2.
Week 3... The hunger and cravings got even worse, but I stayed POP anyway! I started getting really dizzy, A LOT, and I was guzzling water to try to not feel like I was starving. By the end of that week, I could barely walk up and down the stairs in my house. My legs were weak and shaky. I felt like death!!! I had stayed POP ALL WEEK, and had only lost 1.5 pounds!! I knew, Something HAS to be wrong!!!
Something was wrong alright... I had bought fake drops, that contained ZERO Hcg. I had literally been starving myself for 3 weeks straight!! And I was SICK!! I of course stopped the drops immediately, threw them in the trash, and ATE SOME FOOD!!! I ate P3 all day, almost 1000 calories! By the next day, I felt really good, still weak, but I hadnt even realized how much my mind hadnt been working!!
I was so angry! I'd been suffering for 3 weeks for NOTHING!!!!! Yeah, Id lost 13 lbs, but at what cost, and it wasnt the right kind of fat to lose, so unlikely to stay off. I stopped whining, bugged the crap outta almost everyone I could find on here until I learned what I needed and how to get it. I placed my order, and am now waiting to do this the RIGHT way with REAL Hcg..
Yesterday I ate "normal", like I used to. I ate all the yummy foods I used to love that the rest of my family was eating. YES!! Even the carbs and the sugar!!! By the end of the day, I felt like a huge, bloated blob!! I spent half the night sitting on the couch with a cold wash cloth because I was too sick to sleep. Woke up after only a few hours of sleeping, still sooo sick at my stomach!!
Then as I sat here this morning feeling sorry for myself, IT HIT ME!!! I wouldnt trade this horrible experience for anything in the world!! I have an advantage over many people who r fixing to start their 1st round.
1st I learned A LOT during my fake round, many of the foods I cant eat without a gain or stall, what works for me;like I know I can mix some veggies, so many recipes, how to navigate this forum, who to ask if I need help....etc...
2nd, If I can make it through 3 weeks without the HCG, starving the entire time!!!! This is gonna ROCK!!!!!!
3rd..... I dont like all that nasty food I used to eat!!! In just 3 weeks, I HAVE A NEW NORMAL!!! And my NEW normal, is a lot healthier. Oh, how excited I am to see what my normal will be after an entire round, and on REAL hcg!!!!!!!!

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  1. tomwilla's Avatar
    Good luck on you next HCG journey. how did you find out the hcg you were taking was fake?
  2. LilShelliBelli's Avatar
    OH MY GOODNESS, GIRL!!! I'm soooo sorry that happened to you. I am thankful that you are okay and that you found out sooner than later that you had fake drops.

    The AWESOME news (which you already stated) is that when you are on the real thing, it's going to be a CAKEWALK for you!!!! You are going to do just awesome and everyone here will continue to be here for you cheering you on!

    I can't imagine the strength it took for you to go through what you did without the real HCG, but THAT kind of strength is what is going to make you super successful!

    Cheers to YOU and to a great fresh start and many successes!
  3. prdreams@aol.com's Avatar
    What a curse AND a blessing! How terrible that you were taking fake HCG but how great is it to know that you are going to do GREAT with the real hcg!!! BUT What drops were you taking how did you find out they were fake AND what are you going to take now. Please share the news....maybe someone else is taking fake drops.
  4. sonderah's Avatar
    Thank you all! I was taking "The Hcg Solution" drops. They were hormone free. $20 at Wal-Mart. After having so much trouble, I discussed it on the forum and asked Grammy. I was told that since they had NO hormone at all, they r fake. They should at least have the breakdown on the bottle, something like 3x 7x 18x 60x. I ordered injectable Hcg this time, was too afraid to try more drops, from reliable rx, and trying to stay close to P3 foods until it arrives. I honestly can't remember the brand now, but it was suggested by several people on the forums.
    Can't wait!!!!!!
  5. tomwilla's Avatar
    ok thanks for the information. mine says human chorionic gonadotropin 3x9x12x30x60x so I guess it is ok.. and I am not hungry.
  6. thefoodpassionista's Avatar
    I am sorry to hear about your experience. That is awful and a waste of money and time you can never get back. Stay on the right track and you should not feel as hungry by day 3-4. The empty stomach feeling is still there but overall it is relieved by drinking water or tea. Just think of it positively and now you can properly load good luck