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  1. HCG R1, Maintenance Phase 3

    Monday, 9/10/2012
    I weighed 156.8lbs this morning
    Well I thought I was actually going to gain some pounds but miraculously, I stayed the same from yesterday
    That was weird, even after I ate a bunch last night when I wasn't supposed to
    Today, I stayed strictly on protocol and did pretty well if I may say so myself:
    - 2 100g chicken tenderloin
    - 2 oranges
    - 2 100g celery
    - 2 liters of water
  2. HCG R1, Maintenance Phase 2

    For lunch I ate cooked celery and chicken...mmm that was good
    but CRAP
    I cheated tonight with..
    - 2 shrimp ramen noodles
    - 2 chocolate cookie mini cakes
    - 64oz water
    I took the HCG drops 3 times, 30min before each meal so that made me full instantly
    I blame my cheat today for not strictly being prepared last night.
    Tonight, I will make myself a calendar chart type to record my food logs from now on
    and also watch bunch of HCG success ...
  3. HCG R1, Maintenance Phase1 (or more like LoadingPhase3)

    Today was supposed to be the first day of maintenance phase, where I can only eat 500calories of certain HCG protocol foods.
    I cooked chicken and celery together and cut up apples to pack a sack lunch since I had work during lunchtime today.
    I was all ready to go, when I realized after I arrived at work that I FORGOT MY HCG DROPS!!!!
    Well, I couldn't eat my lunch without taking the drops 30minutes before lunch and ended up not eating till around 3pm.
    I was starving and ...
  4. HCG R1, Loading Phases 1 and 2

    Hello Everyone!
    I have tried many diets but I'd always end up cheating and I was never able to make any progress.
    Super excited to join the HCG community, hoping to ask for help and hopefully I can be of some help to other people doing this diet as well.
    My weight easily fluctuates daily but I weighed around 156lbs right before starting HCG diet and after the end of the loading phases, I gained almost 2 pounds, leaving me at 157.8lbs.
    I started the diet 2 days ago and ...