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Holly's Hcg diet blog: hcg after weight loss surgery..

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hey everyone -
im going to blog about my journey. i also have a vlog on youtube. i am posting short daily updates and a weekly long update on you tube. on here i will post daily my weight and whenever i have recipes or information for everyone..

here is my youtube

about me:
my name is holly. im 26 years old. i live in northeast pa. ive been obese almost all of my life. i started gaining weight young. i was always the chubby child. i really started gaining weight after puberty started and was over 200 by the time i was 12. at my highest weight i was 270 lbs. at 21 years old i had rny gastric bypass. after six months i was down to 135-140 lbs and i stayed there for about 3 years. 3-4.5 years post op i gained back to 180. this past year i started loosing weight and i was 157.4 at the beginning of this journey.

i started reading about hcg a few months ago but my girlfriend knew of a clinic where i could get phentermine so i tried that for a month. i didn't like the way it made me feel and the cost so i decided finally to just go ahead and take the plunge.

i ususally don't blog about my weightloss struggles/success but i have not seen too much information about people doing this diet after already having had some type of weight loss surgery so i really want to be an information source for those looking for it.

so here is my stats so far
9.3.10 157.4
9.4.10 156.4
very low calorie diet
9.5.10 156.0

as you can see i actually lost weight during loading which was a shock for me. i had read everyone always gains weight. i am not sure if this is because of the rny surgery or if i am just lucky but i'll take it!

can't wait to step on the scale in the morning!

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  1. Jarret's Avatar
    Keep up the good work
  2. DesperatelySeekingSkinny's Avatar
    Holly- I am so glad I found you! I had rny March of 08 when I started out at a whopping 311lbs, and in July of 09 I got to my lowest of 170. I wasn't even at my lowest weight for but a month I think and then it all started. I started slowly gaining. Now I am up 50lbs and I'm scared to death. I'm honestly thinking about doing HcG pellets. I'm excited to explore your blog!