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one week..and.. how many lbs?!

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hey everyone,
life is getting busy again. i hate when it all of sudden just gets busy. back to work from my injury and while it's painful i am managing. im still not allowed to go back to the gym but i do go to physical therapy and i think that is enough for now.

if a few months ago someone told me that i could loose 10.6lbs in a little over a week on a diet i would probably ask where do i sign up and will it hurt me?! now after experiencing the wonders of hcg i want to shout from the roof tops "if you want it bad enough this is it. this is the miracle diet!"

today i stepped on the scale and the scale said 146.8 i am 10.6 lbs lighter than when i stepped on the scale last friday and it read 157.4. amazing. so officially my 1st week ended yesterday and that means i lost 9.6 lbs.

my measurements last week were:
biceps: 12.5"
breasts: 38.75"
waist: 36.5"
hips: 42"
thighs: 21.5"

my measurements this week are:
biceps: 11.5"
breasts: 37"
waist: 34"
hips: 41"
thighs: 21"

so a total lost of 10.75" inches overall. that's pretty good for a week!

well i've got a lot to do today but i'll check back in next week..

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  1. Kati's Avatar
    Congrats on your losses - especially the inches! It's amazing what a BIG difference just seven little days can make!
  2. txgirl's Avatar
    Way to go!
  3. AKThomp's Avatar
    That is AWSOME! I am simular to you on the gastric bypass and the I got down to 135 also! I'm 5'4 and older lol But I would like to see how your doing! Awsome job!
  4. btc1951's Avatar
    Congrats! I had RNY 2003; lost to goal, but gaining every year, gained back 70 lbs. Order hcg drops, hopefully will start the loading next week. Can't wait! Do you eat any protein in the A.M.? The diet says just fruit& coffee. Am concerned about no protein in A.M.
  5. btc1951's Avatar
    Update: I have been on the drops now for 35 days, and have lost 18.5 lbs. Have 10 more days on the drops, then must maintain for 3 weeks. Then i'll do Round 2 for hopefully more weight loss. While I'm not losing at the rate of many others I know on the drops (many are losing a pound a day), I am losing, which I haven't done in years! I had WLS in 2003, and since getting to goal in 2005, I have steadily gained about 10 lbs a year. This is my best shot at getting back to goal!