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Blog Post Day 15 (VLCD 36)

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Down another .4 today, yippee!

Only 4 days to go till P3 and I'm thinking that for those last 10lbs to go I would have to lose 2.5lbs per day and I really see THAT happening (not)!

That's ok though because this is officially the lowest I have weighed for over 12 years! My older sister who lives in another state told me last night that she is worried about me (bless her cotton socks) and that I will be wasting away to nothing. I laughed and said that as long as I can still see lots of wobbly bits there is no way I will be disappearing anytime soon

Also have to say that apart from the escapades with the cat making entrances and exits across my bed late at night I have been sleeping deeply and soundly and waking refreshed every day, which has gotta be good for the health I say.

Oh well, off to have my cup of tea and breadstick breakfast. Can't wait till I can have some scrambled eggs and bacon with my cuppa!

Good luck everyone I hope you are having a good time with it all!

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