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Day 4 (23)

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The whoosh gods have blessed me again this morning and am down 1.1 - woohoo! I love this diet

And I love learning about what I can tolerate and not and taking it easy without hunger.

Honestly I can't remember when I was at this weight - and I am almost halfway to goal. After years of half-a*sed dieting with Atkins I found that I had never really gotten to this level. I think the secret sauce here is that my food options are so limited, that it is easy to resign myself to the incarceration of 40 days on protein and greens. With Atkins I simply had too many choices and I think that I got confused. I think it's true that if you give a person too many choices they don't take any action. And the other good thing is that P3 should be a toddle, since I am used to doing without starch and sugar anyway from Atkins WOE!

Bring it!!!

I have found it is an interesting exercise to talk to family members about what I am doing and hear the panic in their voices. Especially when I tell them how many calories I am eating a day. I think I might try to keep under the radar a bit until I reach my goal weight, and then see what the reaction is. Once it's all done I am convinced it will be only positive feedback.

P.S. Have a q on an unrelated topic - why doesn't my profile pic appear when I have added it to my profile? I can see it on my profile page when logged in but it doesn't appear on my blog posts or any forum posts? TIA! And when I put tags on my blog post it says I may add 5 tags but will only let me put 2 (that's 2 q's I know!)

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