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Day 5 (25)

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Great - down .6 this morning. Feeling a bit like a yoyo lol!

Followed protocol yesterday (mostly) but for the kelp noodles and some Vegemite on my celery. As an Aussie girl I have been really missing my Vegemite. Won't go into the food fantasies I've been having, but I am relieved that the V doesn't stall me!

Worked out the profile pic thingy too by reading some how-to's in the forum directory. Seems you need to add pic to Avatar in profile also.

So if I lose a little over half a pound I will be at halfway. So far am averaging just over half a pound per day losses, which I have read is average expectations so I am happy!

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  1. stelly's Avatar
    Oops! meant to say down 1.3!! Now that sounds better

    I have been converting to pounds from kilos but generally measure in kilos and my ticker is in kilos. I am now decidedly pumped!!