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I know it's late to be starting a blog!

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Seeing as I'm up to day 20 of my VLCD, but honestly I have enjoyed so much the support on the forum, that I know this will keep me on track and accountable. It's starting to replace Facebook in my work avoidance strategies!

This is what I've been up to so far:

Day Pounds lost
Load 1 0.00
Load 2 -1.10
VLCD 1 0.44
VLCD 2 -1.54
VLCD 3 -1.76
VLCD 4 -0.66
VLCD 5 -0.44
VLCD 6 -0.22
VLCD 7 -1.10
VLCD 8 -0.66
VLCD 9 -0.66
VLCD 10 0.00
VLCD 11 -0.88
VLCD 12 -0.66
VLCD 13 -0.22
VLCD 14 -0.44
VLCD 15 -0.66
VLCD 16 -1.54 Went to wedding and cheated (just a little I swear!)
VLCD 17 0.00 Ran out of drops
VLCD 18 0.66
VLCD 19 1.32 Received new drops
VLCD 20 -1.10 Back to losing yay!

I can track two major hiccups in my journey so far - the wedding, I drank diet tonic water and had two itsy bitsy spring rolls (fried). The second one was running out of drops and having to wait delivery time - I did get a little hungry the day before they showed up, and may have accidentally eaten some pastrami.

I have been keeping a spreadsheet with pounds and kilos. I have taken measurements at the beginning - but only of bust/waist/hips and will take them again when I am done.

I've stuck pretty much to protocol but have added some sugar-free syrup, jello and also some zero cal/zero carb kelp noodles, which I usually add to chicken broth with my chicken portion and some type of veg, which is very plain but very nice.

Hoping to see the scale continue downwards to goal, it is slower than I would have liked but overall I am committed and pretty happy.

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  1. Catthai's Avatar
    I started blogging late too. But I found blogging to be an excellent way to keep focused on this diet so better late than never :-)

    After the end of my first P2 I was able to go back and look at the thoughts I jotted down in my blog. I created an overview post on what to do differently the next time around. I'm headed for another P2 soon so all those reminders are invaluable to me.

    Good luck and happy dieting :-)
  2. stelly's Avatar
    Thanks Catthai - it really is a good idea as you say to have access to the blog as a reminder of what we did.

    Good luck with your second round of P2!
  3. Catthai's Avatar
    Thanks Stelly :-) After I started I blogged quite a bit on P2 but in P3 I dropped off because there weren't any losses to match to foods. I imagine I'll go back to daily blogging when I return to P2 as it's needed.