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P3 Day 10

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I have been offline for several days, just getting back from Easter Holiday mode and the shock of weighing myself when I got home to a 3.3 lb gain

And so I did a steak day and wasn't sure if it would work as I had to wait two days before I did it from my highest weight gain weight, but am now .4 over my LDW and 1 lb over my lowest weight this round. So the steak day got me a 2.4 loss, plus another .2 loss 2 days later and I couldn't ask for better than that!

And I have been eating not great quantities of food, since my hunger seems to be in check, but pretty much added cheese, nuts (peanut butter yay!), wine, more veggies and diligently staying away from sugar and starch.

Hope everyone is doing well!

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