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P3D3 Ouch!

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I have done all the things I said I wouldn't do, and I blame myself! Which is good, because 'myself' will have to get me out of this!

Woke up on p2 post day 2 before starting p3 at 1.2 lbs down on LDW, and being an optimist got a little carried away with adding back in food. Let me see, sausages for breakfast, blue vein cheese, brie, pork rinds, white wine and you can see where this is going

To top it off, Easter weekend travelling to Byron Bay for the annual BluesFest and sharing a beautiful beach apartment with DH cousins whom we do this with every year and it's usually a time of celebrations - eating, drinking and generally being merry! Except I woke up yesterday to an astronomical 3.3 lbs over the lowest weight, and 1.5 over my LDW

Well, I know a wake up call when I hear one, so I swore off the wine and the excesses, while still enjoying myself and not being a party-pooper.

Yesterday I had 3 eggs and a small tin of tuna before lunch, then at the festival I had Brazilian bbq (they served it with rice and black beans and I managed to avoid eating most of that), kransky sausage with cheese and sauerkraut (I ditched the bun) and roast beef roll (again ditched the bun), and drank water and had one coffee. I guess I am trying to keep the protein up and the carbs away, while still introducing variety (hard to avoid when I am away from home I think!).

This morning was down .6 which was a relief, and so I have hope again that I can get back down to my LDW before I get home. If not I will need to plan a steak day for Tuesday. I guess I've learnt my lesson, and that's the way some of us have to do it, regardless of all the experience and knowledge that is generously shared here!

Also will need to visit the supermarket hear for some acceptable food choices, which is what I should have done when I got here.

Wish me luck in banishing that pesky 1.5 over LDW!

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