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P3D4 Ok this is nuts

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So after my "let-out-of-the-gate" binge (relatively speaking!) of the first few days of P3, and seeing I am still in a very social, party atmosphere environment for the next few days, I swore off the wine yesterday which is really the hardest for me when hanging out with friends at these events.

So I am really pleased to be down 1.3 lbs even after last night indulging in some cheeky red wine at the festival (obviously I don't pay any attention to my resolutions ), and eating scrambled eggs with peppers, peanut butter with apple, blue vein cheese, roast chicken with the skin (yum!), guacomole, roast beef, really just snacking all day on pretty low carb stuff. Walking a lot with big Wellington boots on because of the muddy grounds at the festival, and also having the most glorious body-surfing session at the beach yesterday morning for about an hour, the water was so clear we could see the fish swimming around our feet and legs!

How much better than this can it get?

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