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P4 Day 2 Update

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Just checking in to post my update, as now going into P4 and while I am still weighing every day I have not been very good at the daily posting. I am happy to be within 2lbs of LDW so today am just over a pound over it, which I seem to be hovering around. If I take the weight I was on the LDW day itself, I am only .2lbs over, however I am using the day after LDW where I was lower in weight, hence the 1 lb gain.

I haven't started adding back P4 foods yet really, although I have been drinking wine and eating some sugar-free icecream throughout P3 which don't really affect me. I did have some psyllium husk to help with BM but this def makes me retain water. I want to make some low-carb bread as that is what I was eating before HCG. If I tolerate that then I will think about adding the more 'normal' wholegrain bread in later in P4. Although I do have a persistent fantasy about eating toasted crumpets dripping with butter and honey (Sorry for the visual!)

I do have TOM lurking and while the scale isn't really being all dramatic on me I do feel bloated and a bit fluidy, so maybe when it's over I will be feeling better.

Am looking forward to doing R2 and losing the last 10 pesky pounds.

I will update again when/if I have something of note to report with adding back in more foods and whether they affect me.

P.S. I found the pics I took before I started with my 18lb weight loss and I couldn't actually believe I looked like that! So glad I took them because I would not have believed the dramatic effect otherwise. I will post some before and after shots soon.

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