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  1. Day 5 (25)

    Great - down .6 this morning. Feeling a bit like a yoyo lol!

    Followed protocol yesterday (mostly) but for the kelp noodles and some Vegemite on my celery. As an Aussie girl I have been really missing my Vegemite. Won't go into the food fantasies I've been having, but I am relieved that the V doesn't stall me!

    Worked out the profile pic thingy too by reading some how-to's in the forum directory. Seems you need to add pic to Avatar in profile also.

    So if ...
    Tags: vegemite
  2. Day 5(24)

    Ok, today I am up .3 so thinking maybe I shouldn't have sprinkled that raw cacao powder on my orange slices last night. It hardly has any cals but maybe has super powers with water retention?

    Back to strictness today and see what develops tomorrow.
    Tags: cacao
  3. Day 4 (23)

    The whoosh gods have blessed me again this morning and am down 1.1 - woohoo! I love this diet

    And I love learning about what I can tolerate and not and taking it easy without hunger.

    Honestly I can't remember when I was at this weight - and I am almost halfway to goal. After years of half-a*sed dieting with Atkins I found that I had never really gotten to this level. I think the secret sauce here is that my food options are so limited, that it is easy to resign ...

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    Tags: atkins, progess
  4. Blog day 3 (VLCD day 22)

    Ok, now we're talkin'!

    Down .66 this morning after being 'good' yesterday and also doing some intense gardening.

    Followed protocol almost to a 'T' except for having beef for lunch and dinner. I also think the kelp noodles I have added to my menu are safe as they have zero carb and calories with the added goodness of kelp and don't stall me. I love putting these with chicken or beef broth soup.

    Onward and upward - or should I say downward!
    Tags: hunger, kelp
  5. Day 2 of blog (and VLCD 21)

    Well, I think I should not have had that FF yoghurt last night, as I only had a drop of .2 this morning. But honestly, that chilli spice paste I made to go with the shrimp was burning my mouth out (note to self: do NOT put 7 birdseye chillis in anything - next time try just two!). And the yoghurt is just so good for cooling down that spicy hotness!

    Will be more diligent today and hope for a whoosh tomorrow!
    Tags: chilli, yoghurt
  6. I know it's late to be starting a blog!

    Seeing as I'm up to day 20 of my VLCD, but honestly I have enjoyed so much the support on the forum, that I know this will keep me on track and accountable. It's starting to replace Facebook in my work avoidance strategies!

    This is what I've been up to so far:

    Day Pounds lost
    Load 1 0.00
    Load 2 -1.10
    VLCD 1 0.44
    VLCD 2 -1.54
    VLCD 3 -1.76
    VLCD 4 -0.66
    VLCD 5 -0.44
    VLCD 6 -0.22
    VLCD 7 -1.10 ...
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