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Leptin Reset (Kruse)

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What is the Leptin Reset?

Unfortunately, some people struggle with stabilization. Weíre not really sure why unless itís because some fundamental hormonal issue isnít fixed, probably insulin. A neurosurgeon, Dr. Kruse, has a leptin reset plan that has worked for many of us in fixing that stabilization problem. It restores leptin signaling which brings all the hormones back into alignment. (http://jackkruse.com)

While this is NOT part of the HCG protocol, itís not breaking any HCG rules to do it either. The food is the same paleo/low carb diet we follow in P3. The only difference is the timing of meals and the recommendation for so much protein at breakfast. So if youíre struggling to maintain your weight loss, I highly recommend you give this a try. Itís very easy to follow.

Here is Dr. Kruseís plan from his website below. I also recommend you go to his blog and read the Hormones 101 blog. It is VERY helpful. On the leptin reset you will be following a paleo diet: meat, low carb veggies, a little fruit (only at breakfast and only if you are at goal or have a small amount of weight to lose.) You limit your carbs to 25 grams if you are overweight by more than 30 pounds. If you are not overweight, or not by much, then you can have 50 grams. Limit cheese but you can have heavy cream in your coffee. Also butter. Eat plenty of coconut oil. Eat grass fed meat if you can. Organic, high omega 3 eggs.

  1. Eat 50-75 grams of protein for breakfast within 30 minutes of rising. There is a thread about BAB (Big *** Breakfast) here in the subforum. An example of this breakfast would be a 4 egg omelet with 4 oz of steak. Dr. Kruse says to avoid nightshade vegetables because most people with a leptin problem have a leaky gut.
  2. Do not eat again for 4-5 hours. So no snacking. This rule is very important! You can skip lunch if you wish and are not hungry but it is not required. If you are not hungry for lunch OR dinner, then your breakfast was likely TOO big.
  3. Do not eat after 7. Try to allow 4-5 hours after dinner before bed. If you incorporate a workout, do it after 5 pm.

There are some supplements suggested for optimal health. You can find those on Dr. Kruseís website if you want to incorporate those. He also has a list of suggested tests but this is the basic diet and I have seen many get terrifically stable by following this.

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