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There was a woman who trolled our forum a while back. The minute she started spouting off about how bad the hcg diet was, I knew she had an agenda to push her own diet. And that's what she's doing. I want you to read a friend's experience with her. Charlotte is very savvy about her health and is an experienced hcger. Here is what happened to her. If you're tempted to try this woman's protocol, you might want to think again.

Shaka, the violent king of the Zulu Nation once explained, how to trap a monkey. Here goes:
You put something shiny in a glas with a narrow neck and hang it up where the monkey can see and reach it. The monkey, greedy for this shiny Thing puts his hand in there and grabs it. Now, having a fist, he cannot withdraw from the narrow bottleneck as hard as he tries. Not wanting to let go of his treasure, he is trapped.

Similar is my experience with a woman, who calls herself Lisa and operates the Website sugarfreegoodies.com.
She solicits her clients among the HCG-Forums (and others) by putting the fear of serious damage to their metabolism and worse into them, if they continued to take HCG. She makes some good points, but does not provide sufficient evidence to support her claims. So People, who stall or re-gain some of their weight after a round then blame it on the HCG and flog to her. She promises to fix their metabolism and get them lose their weight in the process. Something that would appeal to most of us

The procedure is as follows: first, you pay her 1.000,- US$, which are not refundable. After you have paid, she sends you an app. 12 page long instruction as to how to follow her protocol. This, you have to sign and send back. When this is done, you get a list of supplements to take. She also wants to see your labs. Not too many, please, as she is only interested in a few. Mind you. she does not care what kind of problems you have. Like having a sensitivity to eggs. She still wants you to eat them.

Then, she signs you in on fitday, so you can plan you daily menues, 60 g of Protein, 50 g of fat and 25 g of carbs. Then there are carbs you eat that do not Count. Measure your 1 and 2 hr PP. This you Report on her Website everyday. The day before, you send her your planned menue, which she tweaks as she sees fit. Of course, all this has to be done in a certain way. Don't dare to put it not in in the right way

I did it exactly for 10 days, then she "suspended" me. Yes, you are reading this right, she actually suspended me, those were her words, like I was a 15 year old School Girl who had just smoked a cigarette in the School building and got caught. My crime? Well, not really sure. I guess the first one was, that I did not let her get away with "tweaking" my introduction which she askes everyone to write. I wrote one too, of course, but when she put it up on her Website, I hardly recognized it anymore. She had also revealed to her ardent Readers that I was Smoking which I think is None of her Business to reveal. But what really ticked me off was the fact that she completely changed my wording by saying, that HCG had seriously damaged my health which I have never said. So I told her that she had to take is off. She did not like that at all and I was not going to start until she put the record straight. She finally did but from that Moment on, things got weird. Even something little as not putting a dash at the right place ticked her off and she got really nasty. She erased my comment on the protocol of another person, she did not post, what I wrote and because I put in my protocol for the Weekend on saturday and sunday, instead of Monday (mind you I was travelling on Monday, so I could not do it then), she erased that too. She keeps total control over her Website, and she does not allow any more than one comment as she "does not have the time to read it all before she allows it to go up".

Finally one day not far into the diet, my name disappeared from her Website. I could not find it anymore. So I thought she had decided to suspend me by removing my protocol and so I wrote to her and told her that I accepted her cancellation of my protocol and that she should just give me back my money and end of story. Then she wrote back that she had not cancelled but that I was suspended until I gave her a sincere apology and that she was fed up with me. That was quite some time ago and I have never again heard from her.

No one knows, who she is except for her first name, she has her Website registered in Arizona, but claims to live in New York. Meanwhile, I have been suspended for almost 1 month and this might go on forever. I am dead sure that I will never see my money again nor hear from her. Since I don't know who she is, my chances of reclaiming it would be tedious, to say the least. As I am not a monkey after all, I let go of the shiny Thing and am free.

Just to see, where this goes I did the math and that is what I came up with. App. 30 participants in the past 1,5 years, with an increasing tendency. The average stay on her protocol is 95 days, income from those 30 participants 30 000 US$ which makes an income per Person of 321,82 US$ per month. Not bad, he?
Average weight loss on her diet 0.9 lbs per week, average starting weight 201.3 lbs. Total calories 700 - 800 to be consumed in one meal between 11 and 1 o'clock. My personal experience: .6 Pounds gain in 10 days.

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  1. Bavalay21's Avatar
    That's crazy, as is this sugar frees claims about hcg. I just went to her site and can't believe people would bash hcg, especially as they are losing weight on this diet.
  2. freethrowdeaf's Avatar
    Don't lose weight regardless, take your health more seriously slope