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Phase 2 day 4 - busy, busy, busy.

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Boy I've been busy. Which I like very much!

U really have to ask urself each time u enter the kitchen, 'do I really need this food?" - nope! Makes u stop & think before u scoff/stuff ur face with food u really don't need.

I love the word "change" at the mo. I have it on my calendar and where I will see it! Good reminder, if I want good results I have to do something different for " the change " to happen. Won't happen if ur stuffing ur mouth with food that u ain't suppose to be eating (yet or) on diet.

My biggest thing I miss would be cheddar crackers. Weird I know but I like these certain cheese crackers. I've been good. Haven't bought any crackers, not eaten any

I'm liking having my eating program already made up. I know what I'll be eating that day. Only need to do one big shop per week. Cut up meat into smaller portions, have veges & fruit out for the day on my shelf. I've noticed tht for the last two days I've been real busy and don't eat till bout 2pm. I'm not hungry. Time flys so quickly.

If ur busy I guess u ain't thinking about wht u can eat. And asking myself before I eat, " do I really need to eat this ?" helps me to be "aware" of what I am eating. For example. Someone in the house made steam pudding with custard. I could smell it. But I didn't need it, and to be honest I didn't want all my good work undone by a couple of mouthfuls of steam pudding! Not worth the trouble!!! Oh & being accountable for ur actions will show in ur results. So, I'm giving this my ALL!

I better leave it here 11:25pm getting late. Nite.

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Updated January 6th, 2013 at 03:24 AM by SummerRose



  1. Brila24's Avatar
    Good for you keep up the good work