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Stressed, pain, tired burnout

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This is the second time in writing this up, somehow when I go to a different tab it deletes everything I have written on this tab. Sucks.

Today I felt burnt out. I had to push really push myself. I googled a couple of things, went to the health store. Told the lady my symptoms; half Thyroid, which is dying, stressed all the time, trapped nerve on life side of hip. Pain. Anxiety, flight or fight mode. Not sleeping well due to hot feet at night. Apparently this happens alot to people who suffer from nerve damage/back pain. Gee im a bundle of laughs ain't I ??? (Mmmmm and that's not everything, but you get my drift).

Well she suggested me too take. Wait there, I'm going to save draft and then click on another tab.

She suggested me to take ginseng 5 exhaustion relief.
http://www.healthy.co.nz/product/364...on-relief.html you know what, I LOVE IT, works great! Ill be buying more from online. Way cheaper.
I can get Ginseng Extract Complex 800mg 240 Capsules $16.99usd sweet! Ill be buying some for my mother too. She's needs the energy boost too.

My skins been getting tighter on my face and I know I'm losing as I get itchy, (that happended to me before, not on hcg diet tho). And I need to go down 1 maybe 2 bra sizes.

Well it's getting late. Thought I'd report in. Doing good on diet, may have to juggly a few things around tomorrow . It has to be done for the good of my health.

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