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Down another .6 lbs...

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I've learned that the little losses add up to big losses at the end of a round so I'm very happy with this!

Is anyone doing this in a rogue way? I have from day one and I've found that it's made it so much easier and less boring. I don't recommend it if it's your first round because you need that discipline to get the best results but for me, adding a few more oz of protein or even having another type of protein seems to give me greater losses.

Have a great day. Can't wait to weigh in tomorrow.

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  1. Rabo's Avatar
    Way to go, sunny! .6 is nothing to sneeze at in one day.

    I'm a little rogue. I had canned tuna twice this past weekend (in the middle of a house move and didn't have anything else - but I picked up a burger, fries and shake for my husband so the tuna didn't make me feel too overcome with guilt.) I had some shiritake noodles for dinner last night as well. Also, I'm not weighing my protein any longer - just eyeballing it. Additionally, when I eat a grapefruit, I eat the whole thing rather than half. So, yep, I'm very rogue.
  2. sunny123's Avatar
    Is it not so much easier for you that way? For the most part, I stick to the small portions, no carbs etc. but as with you, I don't weigh anything. I've done the tuna thing also and have lost the next day. I've even had some tortilla chips (just a few) w/salsa and it did not stall me. This time around I'm not obsessed with having to lose a pound a day either because at the end of a round, if I lose 20 and not 25, it still makes it 20 lbs closer to my goal

    Nice to meet you!
  3. Rabo's Avatar
    Nice to meet you as well, sunny. You've got the right attitude. I just try to stay on track so that I don't foul up my stabilization (meaning avoiding oil at all costs and sugars/carbs).
  4. TrueToMe's Avatar
    i eat one of my main meals in the morning like breakfast. i have better results and less hunger.
  5. Dubbles's Avatar
    Hi Sunny! I agree with you about being less obsessed with all the particulars of the good doc's protocol. Omg, my first round I was afraid to touch- an-ything, weighed every bite that went in my mouth and no lotions, make-up, was afraid to even touch the dog's food.. Not so much anymore I have split my chicken breasts, had tuna for a day, have my morning coffee with a T of creamer, or a tad more--and for those who have the program, or who are willing to do for maybe less losses, I believe it works almost as good. I definitely would eat an entire grapefruit. (Need to get one). But I do eliminate all the oils and fats possible, and limit meal plan to 2 vegs a day and 2 proteins, basically what Simeons says--just maybe a tad more One thing I think p2 does is get us off sugar and carbs--I don't go that rogue. Good to see some friends from a couple of years ago Sunny. I don't have a lot of time to blog like I used to, but I am always amazed that hcg works when I get on it.! Good luck to you!