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  1. R2, P3, D6...first Steak Day, and no one to blame but myself!

    I was stable as a rock for the first 5 days of P3, even through a steroid pack.

    Yesterday at work they brought in Maggiano's for lunch and I decided I was going to have it. And, using the same kind of thinking that got me to hcg in the first place, I decided that since I had already "blown it", I may as well have pizza for dinner and ice cream for dessert.

    So, I am now officially 2.6 above LIW, and about to "enjoy" my first steak day.
  2. Notes from a "clean up" round: Played with fire..got burned!

    Calories In Calories Out (CICO) does not work on hcg.

    Had I been told that before by the experts on this forum? Yup.

    Had I lived this in my first P4/P4? Yup.

    Am I am grown up who logically understands all this? Yup.

    Well, apparently, I need to make mistakes to relearn some things...jsut like my kids who are not grown ups!

    I have been at my goal weight for a little over a week, and am still on hcg in order to extend ...