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  1. R2, P3, D6...first Steak Day, and no one to blame but myself!

    I was stable as a rock for the first 5 days of P3, even through a steroid pack.

    Yesterday at work they brought in Maggiano's for lunch and I decided I was going to have it. And, using the same kind of thinking that got me to hcg in the first place, I decided that since I had already "blown it", I may as well have pizza for dinner and ice cream for dessert.

    So, I am now officially 2.6 above LIW, and about to "enjoy" my first steak day.
  2. Notes from a "clean up" round: Played with fire..got burned!

    Calories In Calories Out (CICO) does not work on hcg.

    Had I been told that before by the experts on this forum? Yup.

    Had I lived this in my first P4/P4? Yup.

    Am I am grown up who logically understands all this? Yup.

    Well, apparently, I need to make mistakes to relearn some things...jsut like my kids who are not grown ups!

    I have been at my goal weight for a little over a week, and am still on hcg in order to extend ...
  3. Notes from a messy clean up round..the stall continues...

    So I have been doing a pretty lousy job on this round since the first day of my new job last week. It started with being taken out to lunch by new boss the first day. That was a week ago today. Then on Friday I had a blood sugar drop and resorted to the junk food snacks that are EVERYWHERE at this office! Then on Sunday I ate a chicken caesar salad when we took the kids out for dinner even though I PLANNED on just having iced tea at the restaurant.

    The pretty lousy part comes form ...
  4. Notes from a Clean Up round- the Stall after the cheat! Back to pre-cheat weight.

    The unplanned cheat from Tuesday, appears to have cost 3-4 days. We'll see if this weight holds. I've seen that after the weight goes back down after a cheat, it can bounce before it stabilizes and then heads down again.

    I had finally hit a new low of 101.8, and then my new boss informed me she was taking me out for Italian for lunch...my first day of my new job. Couldn't exactly say no!

    Yesterday I found out there are two other people in the office on hcg! (One was ...
  5. Notes from a Clean Up round- the Stall after the cheat!

    I blogged here that my new boss announced she was taking me out to lunch on my first day of my new job on Monday.

    I admit I ate some things after as well, some ice cream at night and some of my son's french fries at dinner that night (no dinner, just the fries...sheesh!)

    The nest morning the scale was up 1.4 pounds. I thought that wasn't too bad...like I sort of escaped it being worse.

    I forgot about the ensuing STALL that comes after!

  6. Notes from a clean up round: KABOOM! Messy! VLCD Day 12

    I started a new job today and brought my lunch of grilled chicken and diced apples to have for lunch.

    Well, I was given a welcome packet with my training schedule for the week. I found out then today's schedule includes my new boss is taking me out to lunch for Italian food! Why that restaurant? Because they started serving a buffet at lunch. Guess what the offerings were? No grilled chicken. No dry veggies. Sigh.

    I can't say that I abstained form non P2 foods the ...
  7. Notes from a "clean up" round..R2/P2...UP being the operative word..AGAIN!

    After the expected gain from Saturday night's chicken and pico de gallo at Baja Fresh, I gained .6 pounds. I wasn't thrilled, but not surprised.

    Yesterday, I ate 1/4 of the leftover pico with chicken I made and felt bloated afterwards. I was surprised by that, because I assumed the gain was from the chicken, that there must have been some oil on it, and it was food service chicken, after all. I mean..come on! Pico de gallo is tomatoes, onions, cilantro, lime juice, and a touch of ...
  8. Notes from a "clean up" round..R2/P2...half pound gain from Baja Fresh

    I think the same thing happened last round, but it was one of those days where I just didn't care!

    I got a Groupon for Baja Fresh and had a salad with romaine lettuce, grilled chicken and pico de gallo. No dressing, no cheese, no tortilla strips. And I didn't finish it.

    Well, the scale greeted me with a half pound gain this morning.

    The rest of the day was grilled chicken and a small apple for lunch, the Baja Fresh for dinner, and that's it! I even counted ...
  9. The Clean Up Continues....

    Yesterday was VLCD Day 6. This morning I awoke to a .2 pound loss. Smallest loss by far so far. Totally to be expected, and yet, like everyone else who knows it's coming...it's still a bit disappointing.

    So I wonder....what are the reason(s)

    1) Getting to the last of the abnormal fat?
    2) Ate chicken for the protein yesterday...wonder if I do better with steak? Yesterday's diet was grilled chicken with sliced apple for lunch and dinner.
    3) Used baby oil ...
  10. Clean Up Round Day 8, seeing the difference between a clinic round vs a "forum" round

    Today is Day 8, VLCD 6.

    So far, results since Monday (I did not weigh myself going in, although I have a pretty good idea of what my weight was).

    Monday 105.4
    Tuesday 103.4
    Wednesday 102.8
    Thursday 102.0.

    In my first round, my first week, I lost 4 pounds from pre-loading. And boy, did I load. A very reasonable estimate would put my first week's losses this round at 6 pounds. ...
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