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Notes from a "clean up" round: Played with fire..got burned!

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Calories In Calories Out (CICO) does not work on hcg.

Had I been told that before by the experts on this forum? Yup.

Had I lived this in my first P4/P4? Yup.

Am I am grown up who logically understands all this? Yup.

Well, apparently, I need to make mistakes to relearn some things...jsut like my kids who are not grown ups!

I have been at my goal weight for a little over a week, and am still on hcg in order to extend the round so as to stabilize better.

Well, I got a little cocky the past five days, played with fire and got burned.

The plan was to eat extra calories from protein to maintain at goal until P3, and stick to P2 otherwise.

Well, I have been feeling restless, and Thursday went a bit off protocol with an iced coffee with syrup made with Splenda, and some 1% milk...proabably @ 1cup. Then later in the day, I went off protocol a bit more.

The next morning, the scale was up only .2 pounds. So, I went off protocol again. Big time, @600 calories over maintenance level..BUT

The next morning, the scale was still the same!

So, I'm thinking, maybe I can just watch my calories and my weight will stay stable. So yesterday I ate my maintenance amount of calories, but they included mall food (chicken & string beans from Panda Express, and more bagel thins from Costco).

Today, the scale jumped 1.8 pounds.

The lessons..AGAIN..
1) CICO in doesn't work for me, and doesn't work on HCG
2) Gains don't usually show up the following morning, they show up the second morning
3) I have 6 more days on P2..don't screw it up!

I ate samples at Costco (Thomas bagel thins with cream cheese) and bread with dinner as well as a slice of my son's pizza when we went out for dinner Friday night. And 1/4 cup Hagen Dazs that night. (And by the way, I brought my own chicken to the restaurant.)

Yesterday morning, the scale was


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  1. susanbaz's Avatar
    Some editing errors!!!! I forgot you can't edit blog entries the way yo can edit forum posts!

    1) The costco samples were Friday & Saturday, the pizza & bread were Friday night and didn't show up on the scale Saturday.
    2) Saturday I watched my caloric intake, just not what the calories were composed of, so I ate 650 fewer calories yesterday, but
    3) Sunday is when the scale jumped.
  2. AZJan's Avatar
    Well, you have learned and I truly think this is what the diet is supposed to do...teach us about discipline. And of course we all know you know better than to do what you did on P2! Now get yourself back up on that horse! LOL!
  3. susanbaz's Avatar
    Oh, I've learned, Jan..I've learned. Thx for the finger/limp celery wagging!