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R1p2d22: Ok, today is my 8th day stalled at 139lbs!!

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I just spent about an hour writing a blog just to close it out at the end. I don't even know how I closed it out. I just know that now I really am frustrated. I was trying to write down everything I have been eating and doing. I've been completely sticking to protocol, and yet I haven't lost a lb. since last Saturday, a week ago. I lost 11 lbs. the first week. I started at 150 after loading. I do not cheat. I have no oils in my food, lotions, shampoo, conditioner, etc. I know people do have long stalls and plateaus, but I just don't get it. 8 Days when I'm only on my second week of drops! How can your body live on 350 to 400 calories a day and not lose after a week??? Some of you have replied to me that my cells are just taking on water and my weight will release when it is ready. I've been patient, but geeze! I feel like my body has even stopped releasing fat, though I could be wrong. This really sucks!

Thanks to all of you who are blogging back and forth, and have assisted me. This site is such a wonderful place of unity and support for all. You are so greatly appreciated!

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  1. Feisty's Avatar
    You should be living on 450 to 500 calories. you're about 100 low. Might be in starvation mode. Body is clinging to that fat. Also...... How much water do you drink and Have you double checked your labels? do you use braggs amino acids?
  2. primehcg's Avatar
    I would try cutting out the melba toast or grissimi if you haven't already, and cutting 1 fruit. But that's just me. I have absolutely no scientific backing for this, except for the fact that in real life, not hcg diet, fruit causes an increase in insulin, which hinders fat lost.
    I only eat 1 green apple a day.
  3. Suzy's Avatar
    Feisty and Prime: I cut out the bread sticks and melbas after the first two days of stall. I also cut myself back to one fruit, and even no fruit some days. I have checked my labels. I even just checked my Arm and Hammer Complete Care Toothpaste. I use no oil products. I use oil free lotion, if I use any. I use no oil shampoo and conditioner. Occasionally, when I use makeup, I only use mascara, eye shawdow, and no oil powder. I did use Braggs Aminos once, but with the stall I stopped using that also. I do use sea salt on my chicken and tomatoes, but the protocol says that salt is ok. Today I increased my protein by another 30g for both meals to see if that helps. My total calories still only comes out to 403. How in the heck are you supposed to get your calorie count up only eating one fruit and no bread sticks? I do weigh my cooked chicken, tuna and shrimp at 80g. And I do drink 1 gallon of water a day. Here's what I've been eating:

    Day 22: Sat. 2/26/11 403 calories, 139lbs. -0
    L: 130g chicken, 1 3/4 cup cabbage, 1 cup chicken broth - Costco Kirkland Organic
    S: 1/2 grapefruit
    D: 130g chicken, 3 cups spinach with ACV

    Day 21: Friday: 2/25, 343 Calories, 139lbs. -0
    L: 100g chicken, 1 cup cucumber
    S: 1/2 apple
    D: 100g cod, 3/4 cup radishes
    S: 1/2 apple

    Day 20: Thurs. 2/24, 314 calories, 139lbs. -0
    L: 100g chicken, 1 cup tomatoes
    D: 100g tuna, albacore in water, 1 cup cooked spinach
    S: 1/2 cup strawberries

    Day 19: Weds. 2/23, 408 calories, 139lbs. -1
    L: 100g chicken, 2.5 cups cabbage cooked in 1 cup chicken broth - Costco Kirkland Organic
    D: 130g ribeye round steak, 1 1/2 cups asparagus
    S: 1 cup strawberries

    Day 18: Tues. 2/22, 304 calories, 140lbs. -0
    L: 100g chicken, 3 cups spinach
    D: 100g chicken, 1 cup cucumber
    S: 1 cup strawberries

    Day 17: Monday: 2/21, 300 calories, 140lbs. -0
    B: 1/2 grapefruit
    L: 100g shrimp, 2 cups spinach with ACV and lemon
    D: 100g chicken, 1 cup sliced tomatoes

    Day 16: Sunday: 2/20, 266 calories, 140lbs. +1
    L: 100g chicken, 2 cups spinach
    D: 100g chicken, 1 1/2 cups asparagus

    Day 15: Saturday: 2/19, 339 calories, 139lbs. -1
    L: 100g shrimp, 2 1/3 cup cabbage, 2 cup chicken broth
    D: 100g chicken, 1 1/2 cup cucumber
    S: 1 cup strawberries

    The protocol says to keep it under 500. I don't know how to get it close to that just using the veggies and the recommended 100g of protein. Veggies just don't have a lot of calories. Maybe I should add back in two fruits and a bread bread stick. I'm just not sure what to do at this point.
  4. lawgal's Avatar
    I have found that my body apparently has issues with salt, regardless of whether its on protocol or not. I'm also having issues with red meat, so I'm sticking to fish, chicken & seafood. I've also been told (& its in Dr. S's pounds and inches) not to eat the same foods in one day. Your body needs the variety to keep your metabolism breaking down different foods.

    You don't know me from Adam... just happened go read your blog tonight because I had no loss or gain yesterday (Sat.) Morning. But maybe try this... drop the salt, go back to 100g of protein, add your second fruit back in, but don't have the same protein and the same veggie for both meals. Also, make sure you have two different fruits too. Try taking 2tbsps of Apple cider vinegar per day, either in your food, diluted with water or straight up (I do it straight up just to get it over with). Also, cut back the red meat or let it go for a couple days to see what happens. Try to have chicken for lunch and the lighter fish or seafood for dinner. Keep the melba out. You don't need it. Lastly, someone else's blog mentioned that the meal that helped her to lose most weight was crab and cucumbers for dinner. Finally, to keep your metabolism working all day, try having your one fruit mid-morning, then protein and veggie for lunch, fruit mid-afternoon, and then protein and veggie for dinner. If you don't already drink it, add green tea two to three times per day. Just my thoughts. Hope you feel better soon!
  5. Suzy's Avatar
    Thanks for your input Lawgal. I will give what you have suggested a try. Others have said that they do well with chicken twice a day, but maybe I don't. I normally do not have problems with salt. My blood pressure is always around 112 over 70. I will try deleting the salt for a while and see what happens, and go back to two different fruits for the morning and afternoon snacks. I do have Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar and normally put a tsp in my spinach, salads, cucumbers, along with lemon. I will try taking the 2 tbs a day. I know others swear by it. As for the red mead, I only tried it once. I probably won't have the steak again for a while. I'll go back to the 100g of protein too. Also, I do normally have two 12oz mugs of green tea a day in the mornings. Maybe I'll try more of the tea too. I really appreciate your taking the time to try to help me out. Thanks so much. Wish me luck!
  6. Feisty's Avatar
    Suzy your diet looks very much like mine. I'm a food rotator too. AND your BP is very similar to mine so I don't worry about salt either BUT.... It does cause me to Fluff if I eat too much. My guage is my fingers. Fluffy fingers mean too much salt no matter what the BP says. Also...... How's 139 for a set point for you? I know it's early but since you don't have a 'lot' to lose you might just be bumping up against that. Glad to see you are doing the Braggs ACV and Lemon. I use both. Put your fruit back in for a few days and do strict protocol as you have been. Then shake it up with an extra protein day and knock out the late fruit. See if that gives you a bump. How do you feel? I know it's hard but be patient and stay focused and intent.
  7. Dubbles's Avatar
    Can't add much to all the good advice above. Just want you to know we're all interested in your dilemna. I'd try several of those suggestions. Keep us posted. Stalls are bummers! Maybe you'll stabilize really well in p3 now.
  8. Suzy's Avatar
    Feisty, I really don't retain water. My fingers rarely get fluffy. I don't get visited by TOM anymore...yeah! This morning I was still at 139. I guess it is a set point, a big plateau. Thank you too Dubbs. I appreciate you checking in on me. I love your advise. I did notice that my boobs looked different in the mirror this morning. And it wasn't for the better. Kinda hanging low, if you know what I mean. Yesterday I upped my protein by 30g for both meals, and only had 1 fruit - grapefruit for breakfast. I was slightly over 500 calories, though I did eat chicken for both meals. That didn't work either. So today I am doing what has been suggested by yous. No salt at all, two different proteins, and two fruit eaten in morning and afternoon, and 2 tbs Braggs ACV. I do feel fine and I am not that hungry throughout the day. I'll let you know when I break this cycle. Thanks all.
  9. tnsweetness's Avatar
    My goodness Suzy...I hope it breaks soon. Fingers and toesies crossed!