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Tummy troubles and bleeding... warning TMI alert

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I've been doing... okish. I think I'm about ready for P3. Ready for the increased calories, but not ready for the diet ya know? However, I've had this stomach thing ever since my lap band was removed a year ago. See, a year ago I started having this stomach bloating thing where if I ate anything my abdomen/stomach would bloat up and therefore my lap band would strain and cause me extreme pain. I went to the ER a couple times and they ended up admitting me for 4 days. They couldn't figure it out after about a bazillion tests and me feeling horrible and finally diagnosed it as "functional GI disease" which in medical terms means something down there isn't working. Then they decided my bowels weren't moving right and I should start taking metamucil every day or so. I eventually had my lap band removed and I felt better, eventually, and I learned how to deal with it off and on (I called it my Alien baby growing in my stomach since it would get double the size within a few hours- like a 6 month pregnant belly).

So it's happening again. My stomach ia nice and distended. It's very uncomfortable in one very localized spot, like it hurts on the insideon my right mid quadrant and there's bright red blood with BM's (no straining nothing like that).

My mom has crohn's disease and that's heriditary and I'm right at the right age to develop it, but they ruled that out last year when I went through all that testing. Could they have been wrong? It's hard trying to stay on this diet and be so uncomfortable and have this big ginormous stomach. The good thing is though is that I know the Alien baby stomach will go down and that I continue to lose weight (despite my cheats here and there). It's just upsetting to not know what it is. Any ideas?? Any experiences with this? Oh goodness I need some help.

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  1. pinkprincess's Avatar
    If the blood is bright red, it's not from your upper stomach. It would be brown if it were coming from that high. I have been dealing with the bleeding the last week or so but I know mine is a hemrhoid. (I fought it a couple years ago) You could have internal ones that you can't really feel, pain, etc. The stomach thing could be completely unrelated. Not sure about the chron's thing...
  2. karrievt76's Avatar
    You should get checked out any way, but since you mentioned pain in your right quadrant, I wouldn't wait - it could be appendicitis! I don't t know if there is bleeding from it or not ever, but when I was younger and had it, I had severe pain in my lower right quadrant!
  3. SweetKatieA's Avatar
    Thanks guys
  4. DrMommyN's Avatar
    Upper right pain usually means gallbladder. If you noticed green BM, or very pale, floating BM this is probably the cause along with pain under the right ribs. I had an episode of this, but only after I added fats back into my diet after my third round. The gallbladder stops contracting when you don't eat enough fat (like on protocol), and this allows bile to build up sometimes, possible causing small stones or just inflammation. Dr. S goes over this in P & I, and my doctor told me it is very common in women that lose a lot of weight. Fortunately, I didn't have to have surgery, but I have to make sure to keep eating enough fat now to keep the gallbladder working.