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  1. Not giving up

    So after my tantrum yesterday, I read a great deal and decided to not do the apple day and give it one more try. I ate 3.5 oz chicken with 2 c asparagus for lunch 3 melba rounds....an apple for a snack then 3.5oz chicken with 2 c broccoli....tons of water. That is it.. I went and bought a new scale because mine in about 15 years old and I thought maybe it is just stuck there. Well this am on my new scale i weight 129.3. Which is .2 down but is it really since my old scale only measured to .5. My ...
  2. Apple day-SOOOO frustrasted

    I am on day 10 of injections and only down 4lbs. I want to quit!!! Seriously. I am only doing this round to get a little extra off to help my knees but at this point the pain in my knee is easier to deal with than the disappointment I feel. I will do this apple day but if I am not down tomorrow, I will follow protocol for 72 hours with no injection and QUIT!!!!! I get my injections at a clinic so when I go in tomorrow I will talk with them. I was even looking at the bottle to see if it was expired. ...
  3. vlcd3

    down to 137-so here is the progress
    begin weight-140.3
    load weight-143

    I went to the movie today and for only the 2nd time in my life, I didn't have popcorn. I ate my morning apple during the movie. I felt very good about that. But at GS meeting I did have 1 waffle pretzel and 1 hershey kiss. I hope that doesn't get me tomorrow,,,,
  4. Starving

    I am dying to eat! Didn't pack dinner and had to take kid to violin and then soccer. It will be 7 1/2 hours b/w meals! That is very bad.
    Lesson PLAN AHEAD
    S-2 clementines
    L-3 oz turkey;kale;2 Melba rounds
    D-plan to have shredded chicken breast and asparagus(that is if I don't cave and stop for Mexican)
  5. Vlcd1

    I woke up so happy not to know I had to eat enourmous amounts of food today. I went and got my shot and was super productive in the house. I am recording meals so others who may search when just beginning can see some samples.

    b-iced tea
    l-3 oz turkey breast;kale with lemon juice, garlic powder and salt;2 melba rounds
    d-3 oz shrimp;herdez salsa,spinach
    lots of water-almost 1 gallon

    Feelings: a little hungry around 5, but having ...
  6. Final Piggy Hours

    So excited to stop loading. I literally feel sick!
    Today I had:
    Mini bagel w/ cream cheese
    Chipotle chicken enchiladas
    Bag of kettle cooked BBQ chips
    Rum and coke
    Tomorrow I start losing....I hope.
  7. Back again before christmas-am i crazy???

    I am up to 140.9 over the last year or so. My ideal weight is probably around 125-128 so that is my goal. I am not feeling so hot today as I have had some mexican food and now just had a shake. Tomorrow I think my high fat foods will be more like almonds and avacado. At least then there is some nutrition as well. I feel that there is never a good time to go on a diet because it seem we always have something going on in our lives that has to do with food. ...
  8. woke up tired

    Today is R2Ph2VLCD2

    I woke up tired. Last night was difficult as I am used to having a cocktail/wine or 2 everynight with my husband. I was proud of myself in that I just had soda water. My best friend's kids got me a Sodastream for Christmas. What a great gift!!!
    I weighed in and have lost 3lbs from yesterday. I was happy and do feel better. That loading stuff sounds like it would be fun, but again I was so sick from it.

    So here we go with today. I am ...
  9. Here we go

    Today after 2 days of loading I am up 4lbs. I feel it and I feel it shows. I am happy to have a day(or 21) to eat clean and be focused on my health. I do hate that we still have 4 social events to attend before the New Year but I am feeling dedicated and focused so hopefully that wont change.
    Has anyone tried those Miracle Noodles????
  10. Round2 Phase1

    I decided to do the HCG for a second round. I am 3 pounds heavier than when I ended Round 1 but not too surprised since it is the holidays and I have had food and drink in abundance.
    I was excited for today as I could have all the leftovers yet know that this time next week I will be down some. I went a little crazy on Mexican food and feel ill. I still will have some potatoes and gravy later.
    I am nervous for Round2 and hope I can follow the plan as well as I did the first time. ...