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Apple day-SOOOO frustrasted

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I am on day 10 of injections and only down 4lbs. I want to quit!!! Seriously. I am only doing this round to get a little extra off to help my knees but at this point the pain in my knee is easier to deal with than the disappointment I feel. I will do this apple day but if I am not down tomorrow, I will follow protocol for 72 hours with no injection and QUIT!!!!! I get my injections at a clinic so when I go in tomorrow I will talk with them. I was even looking at the bottle to see if it was expired. I get the minimum dose so I am not sure about lowering it. This diet has worked fo me each time I have done it-I never had a stall. I guess I should feel lucky about that. Any how, my only concern is limiting water. I love water. I drink alot of it even when not on this diet. I don't even know what drinking to just quench thirst is since I always have my water bottle with me. But I WILL try to make this work. I think the worst part is that last night in my dream I weighed and had lost 3lb. But 0 was lost

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  1. Marygeezee's Avatar
    What are you eating? Are u eating enough? Checking for hidden sugars, starches, .... There is something that you are eating that is not allowing you to lose weight. It's rare to be in day 10 with only four pounds lost. Then again if you are close to goal, like I was, it's common. I only lost 8 lbs in 23 days, and I followed the diet strictly. My goal was 125, and I only got down to 127. I had planned a short round, but when the weight was not budging I ended up doing a full round, and STILL was not able to meet my goal.