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I woke up so happy not to know I had to eat enourmous amounts of food today. I went and got my shot and was super productive in the house. I am recording meals so others who may search when just beginning can see some samples.

b-iced tea
l-3 oz turkey breast;kale with lemon juice, garlic powder and salt;2 melba rounds
d-3 oz shrimp;herdez salsa,spinach
lots of water-almost 1 gallon

Feelings: a little hungry around 5, but having dinner soon.
a little stressed about the holidays but since I paid for these injections with Christmas money(given to me), it will keep me motivated
excited that at the end of December I may like how I look once again
not looking forward to 3 parties i HAVE to go to but plan to take sparkling water and eat before I go and stay away from the tables...if there is celery I may have a few pieces just so people aren't all nosey as to why I am not eating.

I was up 2 lbs after loading. Now I have 17lbs to lose!!!!!

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