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  1. P3 / P4 -- Weight Loss, Sugar, & Liver Cleansing

    So, I extended P3 since I had a couple of steak days during Week 3, and decided to pull back on fats a bit to see if I could stabilize. Surprisingly, instead of stabilizing, I've been steadily losing weight. Especially since I've incorporated digestive enzymes as apart of my daily regimen.

    By no means am I trying to lose weight, because doing whatever it takes to keep this weight off for the long haul is most important to me. But it does feel good to see my body losing weight on its ...
  2. R1P2 Day 38 (18 more days until P3)

    I love Carol Ensminger's "5 things I love" vlogs on YouTube.

    One of the things she does w/ Cocoa Crack that I am so looking forward to trying:

    Get some candy molds that are circles and deep enough to make a "homemade reeces PB cup". You make your cc, pour just a bit on the bottoms, freeze it until it hardens, then fill the middle (filling) part with either a nut butter, or cream cheese mixed with peppermint Stevia (OMG YUM!). Then pour over the ...
  3. milk chocolate delight

    Some things I want to try:

    I have already tried choc delight with heavy cream thus making milk chocolate...

    Next I want to try making milk chocolate the same way but without the chocolate...

    Here is the milk choc recipe:
    (definetly a P3 recipe)

    1 sqare of unsweetened bakers choc

    3T coconut oil

    (dash of salt and some vanilla if you prefer) I keep forgeting to add this and yet it still tastes