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  1. The hardest thing I've ever done...

    ...is this diet. And it seems like the more times I do it (this is #4), the harder it gets. Ferocious hunger, desperate cravings, weakness, tiredness--that's what I've dealt with for the past 2 days. Adjusting dosage doesn't help at all; I'm just as hungry taking 6 drops 3 times a day as I am 12. I've been cheating constantly because I'm just too hungry. I'm still losing weight (down 0.8 this morning after eating... well, a lot of verboten stuff, healthy but verboten: carrots, veg butter, cheese, ...
  2. R1P2Vlcd2

    Created account to ask about nutritional yeast. Thinking of keeping a daily log of my journey, so I'm starting here.

    I don't know how many people in the HCG forum are in the same boat at me: youngish (under 25), not a lot of weight to lose (<14 lbs.), food sensitivity to gluten/soy/cane sugar/certain yeasts/alcohol, and having an underactive thyroid.

    My partner mentioned how welcoming this community is, so I look forward to getting my feet wet in this regard.
  3. Simple irresistible.

    I have a family history of compulsive disorders, and I definitely inherited some of them from my dad (including chocoholism, dermatillomania, and compulsive eating). The thing about compulsive eating is how mindlessly irresistible food becomes. All consequences disappear, your goal drops to the bottom of your priority list, and your rock-solid discipline dissolves faster than an Alka-seltzer. Nothing else matters--you've got tunnel vision and all you can see is that cupcake/pizza/whatever. Even ...
  4. VLCD 14- Mother's Day...ughhh..

    So I make it through the tea party with all the amazing treats, I was so proud of myself. Not even realizing I would be waking to a whole new challenge...Mother's day! My family knows about my diet and they are supportive but my kids quite don't grasp the whole diet concept.
    I woke up on my day, the one day a year I can make my own! Well, my normal is I make a beautiful breakfast or we go out. I am gifted with some type of amazing chocolate or cookies or something. We go do something ...

    Updated May 15th, 2012 at 09:06 AM by CrystalMamaof4

  5. I made it!!

    Oh I can't even believe how close I came to binging yesterday!

    Warning Possible Triggers ahead!

    I wanted pizza, chocolate chip cookie dough, and movie theater popcorn..and soda (even diet would have sufficed)
    sooooooo bad. I **knew** in my head I was not hungry but when I thought about those foods, my stomach growled at me lol.

    I am sooo proud to say that I did not give in! And today, the cravings aren't really even that bad. Those foods ...

    Updated March 17th, 2012 at 03:15 PM by prayerfulhope

  6. R1p2 vlcd 3

    Just finished day 3, successfully.

    I have to admit that it as HARD HARD HARD though! It's not even hunger, I'm not hungry at all. I get hungry, eat protocol food and I'm fine. It's just CRAVINGS that are killing me. I don't even want to talk about what I want because that seems to make it stronger. Or seeing pictures in commercials or on ads online. It sucks. I can't say I was close to giving up, but I definitely thought about it.

    I hate that this is so hard. It's ...
  7. The begining

    Ok so today is day 5 of phase 2, I have LOTS of weight to and I have had some problems with hunger this past week. Not everyday but I get up at 6:30 am and do not go to sleep until 11:30 pm. I beleive that has alot to do with me being so hungry, unfortunately my body is going to have to get used to it because I do not have a choice

    The other night (day 3 of p2) I started cooking my dinner and when I opened the fridge saw the spinich dip (that i made to eat before I started this ...
  8. ~Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels~ EXCEPT CHOCOLATE

    I LOVE CHOCOLOATE!!! Just want to get that out of my system!
    Physically, I am not hungry. I just WANT CHOCOLATE!
    Doesnt help that I am surrounded by it right now! With 4 kids and it being Valentines day I just ...just... ugh! As I sit here and munch on my apple I had to stop my self when I got down to the seed and the stem!!! Its just a mental thing i know. Because I feel STUFFED from eating the apple and drinking my water!!!
    My husband is in bed already. He is having a much ...
  9. HELLO NEWBIES: DAY 15 of P2

    Hello Friends,

    I've finally reached day 15 with all its ups and downs. I have been having cravings like crazy. Cheez- its, french fries.... it smells so good when the kids are cooking. But I HAVEN'T cheated!!! I just kept on drinking my teas and water trying to not think too much about it.

    This past Thursday I drank some organic oolong tea for breakfast and had my water. I noticed that my arm started itching then my back and my neck and stomach. I immediately thought
    Tags: cravings, itching
  10. VLCD Day 12

    Update. I lowered my dose after skipping a day to 150iu (as per Grammy). This was amazing! I have absolutely no hunger and more energy than I had for sure during the first week. So, moral of the story, go to the "dose" thread if you need help.

    Went shopping today, and that was easier too. I had no problems doing the shopping and for some reason, all my cravings have disappeared. I actually enjoy all my veggies too which I thought would get old. My big secret is balsamic ...
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