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  1. Day 35 here and only 3 more days to go... YAY

    I was very seriously going to stop last Friday, feeling sorry for myself with dental work, a stall, thrush (TMI I'm sorry) and a cold starting... Very glad i didn't stop!
    Latest blog up - NSV I can See the Difference
    Pictures updated - Before and After
    Measurements updated - Weekly Stats

    Few more days to go... I'm starting to really crave fat and am hungry more often... not long!
  2. GetSmaller : Day 34 & Day 35 Plus an infographic on why P4 might be a mistake

    Day 34: Up 1lb. The mixed shellfish from the night before?

    Day 35: Down 1.6lbs. Finally broke out of the stall range.

    Today's little triumph: wearing a Hong Kong size 6 cling blouse that has been off limits for 3 years. Arms are definitely smaller as even at 112lbs, the sleeves were tight. Now, they're comfortable and relaxed.

    Eat Fat and Grow Slim by Richard Mackarness, 1958, is one of the early low carbohydrate books. It articulates the carbohydrate ...