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  1. Headed in the right direction, but still slightly annoyed.

    Well, it wasn't a whoosh in grand terms, but it was something. Woke up to a 1.5lb loss this morning, which was MORE than welcome after a week of hellish gains for no apparent reason.

    I did take out my 2nd fruit last night and replaced it with a protein. Perhaps I am/was too low on protein, perhaps it was just coincidence. I don't plan on making this a habit because I'm a firm believer in keeping the fruit in your diet (I don't want to have trouble adding it back in during P3), ...
  2. Slowly Giving Up

    A couple of days ago, I was flat-out pissed. Now I'm just befuddled and a little sad.

    I woke up to a pound gain today. VLCD 21. Couldn't begin to tell you why, because I have no idea why. POP. Plenty of water and sleep. Not particularly stressed.

    I'm truly at a loss. I don't know what's going on, and I'm not sure I can convince myself to care much longer. 21 days in and I'm only 3 pounds lighter than my LIW from November, which I stabilized perfectly at. I've ...
  3. Still a grump, but in a better place than the past few days.

    VLCD 20... woke up down 0.3. That's the good news. The bad news: I'm still over a pound heavier than I was around this time last week. I'm not as pissed off as I was yesterday, but it's still discouraging.

    As I was telling a friend this morning, ups and downs happen... Stalls DEFINITELY happen. But me personally? Not only is gaining during P2 at any point completely aggravating, NOTHING chaps my *** more than re-gaining weight that I've just recently lost. Perhaps it's a mental ...
  4. No loss since Tuesday. In fact, two days in a row gain. Ugh. VLCD 20.

    I knew this round was going too smoothly - nothing like my past two rounds. So now, today is Saturday, and I haven't lost an ounce since Tuesday. In fact, I woke up to a 0.1 gain yesterday and then a 0.5 gain today. I'd call the the opposite of motivation for hitting the middle of the round finally. Blah. Probably overdid it on the salt yesterday, so I'll be sure to watch that again. Never in a P2 have I gained two days in a row, so that's wildly discouraging. And I can't even drown my sorrows ...
  5. VLCD10: Gained 0.1. TOM? Burn?

    VLCD 10. Woke up 0.1. Felt good yesterday. You know how sometimes you just FEEL like you're body is working well for you and you know you'll lose? That's how I felt yesterday. Guess I was wrong.

    I burned myself yesterday, of course. So maybe there's some generalized inflammation from that.

    Also, since starting with an IUD as birth control, TOM has been irregular. It's not often that I get it to begin with, thankfully, and hopefully it will just stop on it's own ...
  6. Numbers Talk To Me....Really, They Do!

    In my life I have many titles...mom, sister, daughter, Project Director, Information Technology Goddess, writer, Recovery Support Specialist, peer, student, research assistant, author...the list goes on and on. But by far two of my favorite favorite titles (other than Mom) are Geek & Nerd. I adore everything technology and actually run the I.T. Department at the non-profit where I work. I love walking into stores like Best Buy & Staples where they offer you "free computer tune-ups". ...
  7. Sooo...what's going on with my body?

    I've been using hcg injections for 7 weeks. Tuesday will begin week 8. My doctor put me on Phentermine to help out. So far, I've lost 10lbs according to my scale, but none according to her scale. So, you can imagine the frustration and confusion there. The first 2 weeks, I was to eat no more than 1200 ca/day, then 1400-1600 cal/day for a week after that. Of course with excercising. She said that I didn't have to overdo it with my zumba class, but just make minor changes with everyday activities ...
  8. This diet is driving me insane!! Hcg day 13, vlcd 11

    Okay, yesterday I read an answer that Grammy gave to another person experiencing similar concerns as mine. She said up the rpotein by 100 calories, ditch one fruit and the Grissini. So I did that. Today I lost .6. Well, today I just skipped a fruit and upped my veggie to make up calories. Drink, drink, drink. I'm stumbling around blind. I asked a couple questions of Ask Grammy, but she seems to have overlooked my post and questions. So I will keep on keeping on and go back on strict ...
  9. Hcg day 12, vlcd 10---Sad, so sad.

    What can I say? Nothing, nada, zip loss.
  10. Vlcd 3

    Today I didn't lose. But, I didn't gain either. It was somewhat of a let down, stepping on the scale and not seeing a loss. But at the same time, I was relieved that I hadn't gained. I spoke with a friend who is on her fourth round about it and my frustrations. She told me that it's okay. That the same thing has happened with her. She said since I lost a little over 4 pounds after the loading (or after my first low cal day) that I shouldn't be discouraged and I will lose. She brought me back up. ...
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