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  1. Food Paranoia

    I forgot to blog yesterday that besides the Cinnamon Dolce Latte from Starbucks, I also had The Mediterranean Sandwich from Noodles and Co. Only 330 calories. It is served on a flat bread with veggies and chicken. It was actually pretty good but probably will recreate myself. I am paranoid, my weight has been around 164 for the past few days so I'm doing an early CTCD today.

    I'll be working in the ICU tomorrow for 12 hours. (Blah) I plan on eating a banana early in the morning and ...
  2. The Struggles of Eating Out

    Having done so well during maintenance made me a little adventurous the these days. Throw me in the disappointed bus but I love the idea of eating out and enjoying good company however my taste buds have changed. Food does not taste as delicious, leaving me unsatisfied. I can't believe I'm saying this but I had a cinnamon dolce latte from Starbucks and it was B-L-A-H. Plus the ramifications of eating out ALWAYS reflect on the scale the next day. Therefore tomorrow is an early CTCD!

  3. Vitamins

    I am on the injection diet, which comes with loads of vitamins and minerals, plus probiotics and enzymes. Do you get all this with the drops? I was just wondering as some friends are interested?

    So far have lost the 1lb a day, much to my surprise and delight!! So day 4, 4lb down.

    Slight panic as I am booked to go out for dinner on day 23, which is 2 days after the injections when I am meant to still be on the very low calories. We are going to an Indian restaurant. ...
  4. GetSmaller : Day 15 Inches away

    Down .4lbs today. Didn't have nearly enough water (or any liquids) yesterday and had a very late dinner.

    Waist is down another inch. Hips are down an inch as well. I can also see better definition on my quads that can't be accounted for by my miserly two elliptical sessions per week. According to this online calculator, my body fat has slid down from firmly 'obese' to the high side of the 'acceptable' range.

    Today was my first meal out of the house - boy, doesn't ...

    Updated January 22nd, 2012 at 08:51 PM by GetSmaller

  5. R2 P2 - Day 44 . . . Slow, but still in it

    221 (-.6) I guess I am going to have to really work to get into the teens which is just a little over a pound away.

    Tomorrow will be my Last Injection Weighing-in Day. Crossing my fingers for good news on the scale.

    Yesterday was not a good day. Running around, up and down all day, stressfull day. Had family in the emergency room so I was there pretty much ...
  6. R2 P2 – Day 40 - After the Road Trip

    Day 40 - One more week of P2 remains 35 shots (32 vlcd plus 3 loading)

    224 (-0.2) Celebrating . . . no gain!!!

    I was good and I have to say I made myself proud. First of all it was a great weekend, I had a lot of fun and it was very good to be away for a little bit, the road trip was a long ride but a good one. I ate out and had steak with veggies and behaved myself.

    There was one incident where we went to a Mexican restaurant and I ordered unsweetened ...

    Updated October 10th, 2011 at 06:10 AM by HealthierMel

  7. Weekend away from home - Scary!!

    I got invited to go out of town for the weekend with some friends, my first reaction was to cringe inside because I was just scared out of my mind, just as I am doing well, this is going to be crazy. It seems to me that I have never been to/ invited to so many parties and events before starting HCG. When I think of parties and other events, the first thing I see is the food tempting me and the gains following.

    I am going to be "that girl" and I am not going to care about ...

    Updated October 6th, 2011 at 10:35 AM by HealthierMel

  8. I think I've got the travel thing figured out....

    Just returned from my 3rd trip during R1 and happy to say down .6 today!
    My trips have all been 3 dayers. I inject early day 1 of the trip, skip the next day, and inject as soon as I return home on the 3rd day. I try to concentrate on "lean meat, fruit, veggies" (it's like a mantra I repeat over and over to myself while making food choices!!) Seems to be working well even though sometimes I have to be "off" protocol in a very slight manner (forgot to ask for no cheese ...
  9. Day 3 First day VLCD

    So today was day one. I wouldn't call it easy but it was better than I thought. My daughter is heading back to college so we had a family meal planned for tonight...PIZZA. I ate my protein before we left and then ordered a salad with balsamic vinegar, no cheese (basically lettuce and cabbage but very fresh!). Tasted great, enjoyed the evening and had ice tea instead of wine with dinner. Didn't miss the Pizza at all - I must have had my mind made up.

    The hardest part was actually ...
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