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  1. End of P2 and period should start too - What to do???

    So... I have 4 shots left before this round ends... my period should have started 2 days ago but I'm late... so now I'm expecting it any day (not today, so far).
    Dr. S. said to not finish a round while on the period.

    So, what do I do???

    I would love to be on this round for 6- more days (I'm so close to the 30 lbs mark!)
    My period is usually very regular, usually 4 days, the 2nd day usually heavy.

    * Should I skip injections until I get ...
    Tags: end of p2, period
  2. Last Day on Drops!

    Today is my last day on the drops! On one hand I'm not too happy about it because I've had a week-long stall due to week-long constipation. It can't be my lack of vitamin C or water, so I've come to the conclusion (so far in this experiment, at least) that it's because I haven't been drinking my usual 800 ml of green tea every day. Who knew? It's a little late to come to the realization only now, but I made some tea this morning and I'll use it to test my hypothesis today... and hopefully get ...
  3. P2d38

    Down .5 and I have officially lost 30 pounds . I was going to try to make it to 40 days but decided to cut it short. Maybe because I'm using the homopathic drops, but the HCG seems to be losing it's effectiveness. The hunger is starting to come back; I feel I am losing some muscle mass with the weight loss and my energy level is dragging. So cutting two days short I don't think is a big issue. I stopped taking the drops last night. I plan to switch over to P3 after the two day period to ...
    Tags: end of p2