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  1. P4 2 months complete

    P4 start of month 3

    So I continue to stay stable. I wonder about this, especially when I see so many people struggle to maintain. The only thing I can guess is that since I remain far above the the standard weight or BMI goal for my age and height category my body is not stressed about being at or below it's previous set point. I've decided against another round of HCG any time soon and have decided to focus on overall health and fitness rather than reaching a ...

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  2. Nearly 1 month P4


    yep, it finally happened that I am up over my LIW 2 pound limit. Not just for one day but for 3 in a row. I'm not doing a correction day, though today will be a control day for me since I don't intend to exercise at all. I've pushed this week as far as exercise goes. 2 days of boot camp, 2 days of aerobic conditioning all in a row. On my control days the most I should be doing LISS, but after a couple of months with no exercise, it just feels so good ...
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  3. P4 one week......its good to be back!

    It's been a busy week and I am officially through 1 week of P4! I've been lucky in that I don't seem to be having issues with any particular starches, but I do think that adding back in starches in general has pushed my weight up a bit. This makes sense since the body retains more fluid to process the starches. Add in the fact that I also started back to the gym this week and it is no surprise to me that I am sitting exactly at 2lbs above LIW.

    I've started boot camp again. ...
  4. P4 / Day6 Back to the gym

    So here we are in P4. Everything has been going so great, I thought I'd get myself back to the gym. I stabilized in p3 and my body seemed happy at 176.0. I can live with that. It's only .4 above my LIW, right?

    So on Friday last week, my first day of P4 I went to the gym and did a 20 minute interval training on the elliptical, then went downstairs to the kinesio machines and did some very light weights, just to move my muscles through the range of motion. Saturday and Sunday ...
  5. P4, Vacation and Exercise, Oh My!

    It's been a while since I last checked in, mostly due to my being on vacation for the past week and a half and partly because our home internet service provider has gone out of business and I'm trying to find a reasonably-priced replacement... which is very hard when you live out in the sticks. But anyway, P3 and P4...

    In my defense, I had a lot working against me: 9+ hours car travel, lack of/inability to stay properly hydrated while traveling, and an abundance of food up at my parents' ...

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  6. hCG - here I come (or go, I hope!)

    Started with New Beginnings, hCG shots started Friday, 5.17.13.... 3 day load schedule - but not excessive grossed out gorge style, more moderate, focused on fats and carbs.... started on Thursday just to make sure I had it down right!

    5.17 146.5
    5.18 148.0
    5.19 149.2

    Staring VLCD in the morning. Have prepackage 3.5 oz of chicken breasts in freezer - side note - the snack package ziplock bags are perfect size for 3.5 oz! Included mine with ...
  7. Should I Quit?

    When I started my HCG journey I weighted 188, loaded to 190 and I ended at 161. I was on P3 for three weeks and stabilized well. I had to do two apples days but overall; I was happy. I decided to go back on HCG for Round 2. I loaded on March 30th & 31st and went up to 168.8! By April 5th, I dropped the load weight! I was back to 161. However, the next few days were quiet stressful. I started dating a guy who is a pecatarian; he only eats fish, seafood, and carbs. He also likes to drink. ...
  8. Last injection yest. lost almost 2lbs this morning! HELP w/ stabilization & exercise

    Yay! I'm entering phase 3 and I'm deathly afraid of gaining weight! Yesterday I took my final injection and woke up this morning for a weigh in and lost almost 2 pounds! So now I'm unsure of which weight to use for my +-2 pounds? What if I continue to lose weight daily? Or throughout the next 21 days?

    On addition, I haven't worked out at all while on hcg. But after my 72 hours has expired I plan to start running again. I'm sure this will cause me to lose more weight, is that bad? ...
  9. VLCD 17,18,19 & 20

    I am sorry!! I said I wouldn't skip days and look, 4 days later I have skipped!! Well, I don't have a whole lot to report on! I am down 18lbs which is awesome! I am waiting for that 2lb mark! today is my half way point of VLCD. I am still waiting for the inches to come, not sure how I am loosing weight and no inches, but it has to come at some point!

    I am so excited that I may be able to loose 30lbs in this round, I thought I would only loose 20 but looks like I have a good chance ...

    Updated May 21st, 2012 at 10:44 AM by CrystalMamaof4

  10. Day 4

    Injection / weekly B12
    Weight 158.2
    after 2 days of loading and 1 day at 495 calories:
    Weight 161.2

    7:00 wheat grass
    8:00 Green tea and 1/2 lemon
    9:00 lemon water 64 oz
    11:30 1/4 smoothie w/pea protein, chia, strawberry, banana, coconut oil, aloe, water
    2:00 1/4 smoothie
    2:30 lemon water 64 oz
    3:30 1/4 green juice
    4:30 giant salad, hemp seeds, cucumber, kelp, braggs liquid aminos
    6:30 ...
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