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  1. VLCD 11 First Gain:(

    R1P2VLCD1: 190.4
    R1P2VLCD2: 188.4 (-2.0)!!
    R1P2VLCD3: 187.2 (-1.2)
    R1P2VLCD4: 186.6 (-.6)
    R1P2VLCD5: 185.2 (-1.4)
    R1P2VLCD6: 184.2 (-1.0)
    R1P2VLCD7 183.0 (-1.2)
    R1P2VLCD8 182.8 (-.2)
    R1P2VLCD9 180.8 (-2.0)
    R1P2VLCD10 179.6 (-1.2)
    R1P2VLCD11 180.0 (+.4)
    Hello HCG World
    Had my first gain today.. Im glad its just .4, but i think i know why. Yesterday I did not completely follow protocol. ...
  2. Well, here we are, two years later, and I'm at it again.

    by , January 22nd, 2013 at 07:21 PM (My Journey as a Seventeen Year Old on HCG:))
    Basically, those great results that I achieved in 2011 (when I was 17) lasted about a year and a half. Unfortunately, along with my first heartbreak came the weight again. I survived that and I'm ready to be happy again. I'm currently dating a boy named Austin who I've been friends with for about three years. He's wonderful but he's also a twig! I wish I was one again :/ Who wants their boyfriend to be skinnier than them?! My weight has caused some issues in our relationship. I am insanely jealous ...
  3. The Ultimate P3 Correction Day -- a Chicken Thigh Day!!! I Lost 2.6 lbs!!!

    I lost exactly what I needed to lose to be back at my LIW -- an amazing 2.6 lbs!!! I've discovered how others may be able to use this correction day method, known as the "Chicken Thigh Day" (or, "CTD" for short). A Steak Day (SD) didn't work for me; I lost only .8 lbs, then gained back double that amount the very next day. So I wound up searching for an alternative to doing another Steak Day, and searched the web for answers. Someone else invented the Chicken Thigh Day; they ...

    Updated September 16th, 2012 at 09:13 AM by GonnaLoseIt

  4. The tuna fish won!

    Ok so last time i posted i posted about craving a tunafish sandwich so bad I was salivating over it Well the tunafish won dammit! Last Friday night I was so hungry and decided to have a tunafish sandwich so I made myself some tuna with carrots, celery and onions (my favorite food next to hot dogs!) It was so good I ate the entire sandwich, then woke up on Saturday and had another, I decided I blew it for the day and had Mc Donalds for lunch. The weekend passed in a blur of food chinese, egg salad ...
    Tags: cheated, food, gained
  5. Trying to Get it Right

    So, I have decided, basically at the spur of the moment...that I am doing another round of hcg. I did my first round back in Novemeber of 2010 and after 3 rounds lost 67 lbs. I did so well maintaining and working out but as of Christmastime my eating has gone to hell and I have gained 15 lbs. At least, last time I checked it was around 15, I am actually scared to get on the scale.

    It is crazy how fast you can go back to old, detrimental eating habits. The smartest thing I did was ...
  6. R2 P2 - Day 42 . . . Don't mess with the groove!! . . . Bad things happen.

    224.2 (+1.8) Not even worrying about it . . .

    2 hrs later . . . 223.6 (+1.2) still a gain . . . moving on

    It was not a great day yesterday.

    My body felt out of sorts, I felt antsy all day and I had a hunger that would not be stated . .. Not with the extra fage, water, tea. I just did not feel my normal self at all. Plus I changed the ...

    Updated October 12th, 2011 at 06:21 AM by HealthierMel

  7. P2d28

    Gained .6 lb. Back to 190. I'm really getting discouraged. Feel like I've just waisted the last 3 days. I'm temped to just go on to P3 and lock in what I've got, but I've read the longer your on P2 the easier it is to stabalize in P3. So I've decided to at least stick it out till next Wednesday.
    Tags: gained
  8. Gained 2 lbs overnight

    Good morning,

    I'm on Phase 2 7th day. I started at 148.5.

    Yesterday I weighed in at 141. This morning at 143. I gained weight. That scares me.

    I do have to admit I had 4 radishes and a pickle overnight. I was so hungry.

    I read how people are not hungry, but I am. I bought the HCG ($90.00) from the GNC store.

    HELP! Is thus normal?
    Tags: gained, overnight