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  1. P2D9 and another 200g down

    Yay... I must admit that I did jump on the scales an hour earlier and was actually higher than the previous day's weigh in... fast forward to my ususal weigh in time and I'm 200g less... Yay...
    Not looking forward to the day that I gain or stall for that matter.
    Blog post updated today - HCG Diet – Phase 2 Day 9 – Phase 2 Round Length
    And an awesome Iced coffee recipe... It's so simple but oh so very yum! P2 Ice Coffee

    See you tomorrow
  2. Time for a change! hcg:)

    Hi everyone I'm new to this site, I hope I can find some new friends here that will be able to help me out with this journey. I could really use it! My fiance is a great listener but he can't really understand what Im going thru. he's super thin lol, and I'm 234lbs. I wasn't always overweight. I was always the thinnest in the family now im the biggest.

    Im very tired of living like this, I'm 25 with an amazing fiance and somehow im still miserable. and it has nothing to do with him,
  3. Breathe For Weight Loss...and other health benefits!

    by , September 16th, 2013 at 03:05 PM (HCG Diet Daily | Joe Rare | Vibrant Life HCG)
    An interesting fact is we all know how important oxygenation in the body really is, though most do not take proper action to ensure we are getting the necessary benefit from it. Does that sound weird to you? It always has to me and yet, the chronic disease epidemics are growing at incredible pace and the time we take for ourselves to just breathe is actually decreasing.

    My question as always is why? What is triggering us to follow a path that is leading to self-destruction in one ...
  4. Drop it drop it LoW

    Today is a true milestone for me, it's my 5th day on vlcd and I have not had any cheats ! Or cravings. It's all mind over matter, I'm in it to win it.
  5. Day 4!

    I didnt know how long I should stay on this round, (3-5 failed previous attempts at HCG diet) BUT being that I am only eating protein once a day, I even made Lemon-pepper steak today with a few onions and added two thin slices of fresh cut tomatoes (hoping that a little "flavor" would encourage me to eat the required protocal), but of course it was to no prevail. I think that I am drinking about 4 1/2 litters of water per day, and I am only taking my drops twice a day, smh. I cant eat ...
  6. Sick

    I have 8 more injections to do on my 40 day cycle. I've had this nasty cold for the past few days now & my weight loss is sucking. I think it might be due to this cold.

    Has anyone else stalled or gained while being sick?
    What can I do to overcome?

    Please Help!

    Updated April 30th, 2013 at 10:38 AM by LovelyStacy5456

  7. HCG Support Group

  8. Day 30 & Down 31.1lbs (so far)

    Today is Day 30 for me of Round 1. I am down a total of 31.1lbs as of this morning (Yay Me)!
    I began this journey on March 26th. The weekend of my Menstrual I began skipping 1 day a week. I have skipped only 2 Saturdays so far, & I have 2 more to skip. So that will have me on this diet for a total of 44 days (no injecting those 4 days but remained on diet).
    I have not worked out & I have NOT cheated even slightly, THANK GOD & it has paid off so far
    I still have ...
  9. Group on Facebook

  10. Major Headache

    I am on day 24 & yesterday was a sad day for me. I did a lot of crying & I think that may be how I got this headache in the 1st place. It is majorly pounding.... I have tried brusing my hair, my husband massaged my scalp, I tried ice, drunk water, sleep, nothing is helping. I've had it since yesterday. I am sometimes even feeling nauseous from the pain. I know that I'm not supposed to take any meds while on this diet, & I've pretty much followed protocol to a t, but I'm almost tempted ...
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